In a world of intuitive marketing tech, is there still a part for people to play?

    With 61% of marketers expected to increase spending on digital commerce in 2017 (Gartner – CMO Spend Survey 2016 – 2017), are technology companies giving marketers what they really want?

    The development of marketing technologies has never been so rapid or frenetic as we start 2017. Sometimes, however, there is a disconnect between the technology monoliths driving the future forward and their clients. This is where – in a marketplace increasingly dominated by tech – the role of people and support comes in.

    We hosted a webinar with Internet Retailing on the issue, referencing the full report we have already produced. The webinar looked at the impact this has on the industry and more importantly, what support you need from technology providers to make marketing strategies easily come to life.

    Download the webinar recording to access this information:

    • What types of support are most important to marketers?

    • Which marketing technologies require the most support?

    • Exploring satisfaction levels of 3 of the most common types of support offered by vendors

    • What levels of support are most valuable to customers?

    • Marketing clouds versus open platforms – what do marketers really want?

    Missed the webinar? Download the recording here