RedEye's Twelve Days of Christmas for 2017

    For the second year running RedEye is taking the twelve days of Christmas and giving them a marketing twist! On the twelve working days leading up to Christmas Eve we will be posting a new tip written by our RedEye experts on this page. So check back each day for a new tip!


    On the twelfth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip to remember marketers are consumers too!

    One of the most important things that marketers have going for them in creating successful campaigns is that they too are consumers! Sometimes we forget that, but what winds us up as a customer should be wrapped into all we know and do as a marketer. Top of the list of bugbears – misinterpreting or ignoring the customer journey. Customers engage more and convert more when your communications are personalised and relevant. But - if you want to talk to a customer like you know them, it only works if you actually know them. In 2017 focus on understanding your customers journeys, develop tools to highlight exactly where they’re up to, and plan to capitalise on your new knowledge with brilliantly relevant and personalised communications.

    Laura McHenry, Marketing Director at RedEye

    On the eleventh day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip on making sure your data meets GDPR

    With the deadline date of May 2018 looming to comply with GDPR, use 2017 to get your data in tiptop condition.

    To be compliant you must audit the personal customer data that you currently hold, including the type of data and how you use it. You must match this back against what you’ve told the customer you’ll use their data for and identify any gaps. You can then modify your data capture process to address these gaps and start capturing GDPR compliant data now. You should also communicate to your customers the details on how you use their data, giving them the opportunity to object. If you start this process now, then by May 2018 your customer database will be GDPR compliant.

    Tim Roe, Deliverability and Compliance Director at RedEye

    On the tenth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about the importance of cross device tracking

    According to Google’s new multi-screen world study, 67% of consumers have used multiple devices to shop online and typically 3-5 devices are used within the purchase process.

    In this modern age customers are using multiple devices, so your deduplication process needs to have the ability to track the entire process and create a single customer view that holds all this information under one accurate customer record.

    This is cross device tracking and without it you can’t really understand customers’ buyer behaviour to accurately implement genuine personalised communications. Make being able to track your customer’s wherever they may go a priority in 2017, trust me, it will be worth it!

    James Richardson, Database and Multi-Channel CRM Manager at RedEye

    On the ninth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip on putting customers at the heart of your CRO strategy

    Make the customer your priority when it comes to Conversion Rate Optimisation in 2017. What is it your customer really needs from your website? What is it that they want? You can’t possibly know this unless you listen to your customers. Before undertaking any CRO this really is the most important aspect. By understanding you customer at a greater depth you will be able to identify your customer’s ultimate goal and any pain points they stumble across on their journey through your website.

    There are plenty of tools that can help you find out this information. Find out your Net Promoter Score, undertake usability testing. Find out how your customers actually use your website, not just how you think they use it.

    Tasin Reza, CRO Director at RedEye

    On the eighth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about implementing agile content

    How are you going to give your January sales emails some urgency in 2017? Are you going to splash out on a countdown clock (yawn!) to create some drama and urgency? If so, you will be joining all of your competitors. While I like to see an animated clock as much as everyone else, automated agile content can do so much more for you. Add in some video content that will stream inside the email or send an email with a live poll and ask your recipients what they want to see and actively listen to what they want to experience. All in the touch of a button. Add in a slideshow with unique URLs or use some clever personalised imagery. Yes, by all means use a countdown clock if you have to. But how about etching the recipient’s name onto that big screen TV you want to push? Or include a live map displaying their nearest store, regardless of where they are!

    Danni Hunt, Head of Future Email at RedEye

    On the seventh day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip to ensure your data will shape your marketing in 2017

    So, despite the festive distractions this time of year – you’ve identified that you want to understand more about your customers and better apply data-driven decision making to Marketing. Well, there are some key questions to consider first about the data itself.

    Are you clear what data you currently collect in respect to customers or their interactions and across which touch points? How, and where in your organisation, is that data stored and maintained? Who maintains this data, is it well documented and understood? And the crucial part – how easy is it to access? Only a small percentage of the data collected in organisations is actually analysed. Don’t let data be The Grinch, ensure it’s the basis for a shining light in 2017.

    Vasudha Khandeparkar, Senior Analyst at RedEye

    On the sixth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip on getting your customers to talk to you

    Do you know what your customers think of you? When was the last time you asked them how they found the experience of buying from your website? A great relationship needs to keep the channels of communication open – including between you and your customers. Observe some users trying to complete a key journey on your site or use a survey to get feedback from customers as they use your site. Talking, and listening, can show you not only what needs fixing on your site but can also open your eyes to great opportunities in the future.

    Susanne Wraight, Head of UX Consultancy at RedEye

    On the fifth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about email relevance

    Marketing Automation, especially if you value personalisation, will always be your best option. Not sure what to promote? Let the data speak for itself to ensure you stand out from your competitors by keeping relevance in your campaigns.

    Take a leaf out of the classic offline promotion tactics we’re all familiar with but take for granted. If you want your customers to buy more, waft the hypothetic smell of freshly baked bread throughout the store or make sure they pass by the sweets on the way to the checkout. It’s the same with online. In 2017, push those items you want to promote, but give your customers something irresistible, make it irresistible by basing it on their basket or browser behaviour. The stats don’t lie, one research outlet found that relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

    Danni Hunt, Head of Future Email at RedEye

    On the fourth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip on shining your Christmas lights on customer understanding

    Christmas is a time for celebration but as we’re approaching the end of 2016, it’s also an opportunity for reflection and thinking ahead to new opportunities. So, what did you wish you knew about your business or customers before making key marketing decisions during 2016 and how do you think you can have address those gaps in your learning for 2017? 

    As the festive indulgence starts to wear off, the Christmas jumper is put away for another year and life quickly returns to normal - think about what customer insight you need for the coming year and consult your analytics team or agency. Start 2017 with a plan to engage and delight customers based on real insight, not assumptions you haven’t actually validated.

    Mark Thomas, Head of Data Insight at RedEye

    On the third day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about being open and honest with customers

    Make 2017 the year you are more open about the data you hold about your customers – they know you do it, so be honest and actually use it to improve engagement with them. GDPR is coming and it can be a positive for good brands.

    Update your T&Cs to say more than the bland ‘We use cookies to collect information to improve your experience’ – give them actual examples of what you do with their data. No one reading your T&Cs is suddenly going to run a mile – your honesty will be rewarded, we promise!

    So, go ahead, wherever possible let your customers know what you collect about them and how you will use it. Give them the chance to dispute things if they are unhappy and generally embrace the upcoming changes to GDPR. We say lead from the front – it is not a scary change, the brands being open and honest will actually benefit and clearly stand out from the crowd.

    Garry Lee, CEO at RedEye

    On the second day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about getting your Marketing Automation up and running

    Rome wasn’t built in a day! All too often we see businesses getting bogged down in the detail and over complicating things in an attempt to try and make everything perfect from the get go. This leads to their campaigns, especially automated programmes, launching months later than they should. It is much better to get something up and running, making 80% of its potential revenue, and then going back and looking at optimising the journey on an ongoing basis. You’d be amazed at how many hundreds of thousands of pounds a year clients miss out on because of this.

    James Steiger, Head of Account Management at RedEye

    On the first day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about keeping an eye on the small stuff

    Adding new features to your website is great but make sure you don't let the basics slip! Forms might seem unexciting in the grand scheme of things but for customers it's essential they work well. Get the basics wrong and you not only damage your reputation but you make it easy for customers to justify going to your competitor. I suggest conducting a review of your forms to make sure they're as slick as they should be and protect your reputation – add in fields only if you think it’s necessary.

    Susanne Wraight, Head of UX Consultancy at RedEye