RedEye's Twelve Days of Christmas 2017

    For the third year running RedEye is taking the twelve days of Christmas and giving them a marketing twist! On the twelve working days leading up to Christmas Eve we will be posting a new tip written by our RedEye experts on this page. So check back each day for a new tip!

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, advice about ensuring I have ‘clean’ data

    Having a perfect dataset happens only in a test environment. Real world data is rarely tidy or complete. It is what you do with what you have that matters. Chances are, the information that you have access to will allow you to understand how to interact with your customers and give you an insight into their preferences. The key is to ensure that you consider every piece of data, derive as much insight as you can from it and then delete it.
    If you make the decision to store it, this should be done in an efficient, accessible and legible fashion. The focus should be on what value can be derived from the data. This will allow you to decide how important that nugget of information is to then determine storage and usage costs.
    Vasudha Khandeparkar, Head of Insights at RedEye

    On the eleventh day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about applying what I learn

    When the pressure mounts we always seem to revert back to ‘the norm’, and peak certainly piles on the pressure! You’ve potentially spent the year working on some great segmentation, thinking about relevancy and timings, but as the pressure creeps in, that all goes out the window. Because more volume means more money, right? Right?! Not so much... and during peak you want to stand out, what better way to do that than be relevant to the customer. If you do one thing next year, make sure it is keeping the customer at the heart of what you’re doing as much as possible, even when the pressure builds.

    Georgina Thompson, Head of Client Success at RedEye

    On the tenth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, advice abut utilising SMS Marketing in 2018

    SMS has had a bad rap in the last 10 years. These are all familiar stories, I am sure you’ll agree: It’s not a relevant channel for our brand; Our customers find it invasive; It’s not measurable so we can’t prove its value; Far too expensive! These excuses are finally disappearing as a new-found faith in the channel emerges.

    There is so little between yourselves and your competitors these days (not even prices), that consumers are developing brand loyalty via other means, predominantly customer service. This expectation of excellence plays heavy in the mind of your customers’ purchase experience. The purchase ‘high’ a customer feels on clicking ‘confirm’ will only last a few moments. Sustaining that excitement can be attained easily by further correspondence regarding the order whilst also appeasing the transition from order to delivery. An order confirmation, despatched and delivery message via SMS has elevated this channel to new heights. It’s the norm, it’s expected and has paved the way for marketing comms to be accepted via this channel too.

    New functionality can enable email via SMS; allow for fully trackable messages and allow for customers to be contacted swiftly and accurately straight into their own hands, in seconds. SMS is reinvented and deserves a second chance. Watch this space…

    Danni Hunt, Head of Future Email at RedEye

    On the ninth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about testing early and testing often

    Adding some cool new functionality to your site? Test a prototype with real users and iron out bugs before you launch. User testing can be done with no frills wireframes, putting your idea in front of real customers saves time and money in development.
    Susanne Wraight, Head of UX Consultancy at RedEye

    On the eighth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip on looking after your customer data


    Treat your customer data to a cleanse in 2018! Principle 4 of the data protection act states “Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date”.

    As your customer and personal data is being used for marketing purposes, there is a duty to ensure you take necessary action to make sure customer information is accurate at the point of capture and kept up to date as they continue to have a relationship with you.

    Running a cleanse will ensure the information you hold is still accurate and you can continue to communicate effectively with your customers via all appropriate channels.

    James Richardson, Database and Multi-Channel CRM Manager at RedEye

    On the seventh day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about the importance of testing

    There are so many new tools and techniques to optimise marketing out there, that make it very easy to run to the newest and shiniest method which promises a high ROI. However, without a clear understanding of your customer base and how well these techniques suit them, results can vary greatly. Ensure that you have robust testing in place, before implementing a change in your campaigns. This will help you to, not just understand your customer base better, but also use the most appropriate methods to maximise return.

    Vasudha Khandeparkar, Head of Insights at RedEye

    On the sixth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about technology that will demand my attention next year


    Gartner have identified Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) as one of its ‘6 Technologies that will Demand Marketers Attention in 2018’. They highlight the potential of huge steps forward in segmentation and modelling to drive personalisation in communications, driven from the unification of data on the individual customer from multiple sources. The better the customer data, the more relevant the message – we all still believe in this, right?

    At RedEye this has always been our mantra, we have always focussed on improving conversion and ROI… it is why we exist. Every RedEye client has the ability to access some of the best customer identification solutions in the market, such as cross device tracking and online-offline customer verification, all held in a package that unifies data from any channel into a CDP. Indeed, Gartner’s recommendation is “Begin by evaluating your existing marketing technology, you may discover your existing solution already has the CDP features you seek”. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

    Matthew Kelleher, Chief Commercial Officer at RedEye

    On the fifth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, advice to switch to a focus on mobile


    Think conversion, think mobile. This year the shift in revenues via mobile has been dramatic. Until recently, consumers used mobile devices as a means to browse those items to be purchased, but rarely completed the actual transaction via Android or iOS. 2017 has proved this is no longer the case. Customers have new-found confidence in mobile transactions and finally clients’ websites are totally responsive and project improved usability across all industries. RedEye now regularly see 70% of all conversions via mobile devices. So why are final sign offs for your email campaigns still occurring on a desktop?

    Into 2018 your content must reflect this shift in behaviour. Be bold, clear, relevant and user-friendly. Think small screen rather than big production. Think concise messaging not cramming. Think mobile first and foremost.

    Danni Hunt, Head of Future Email at RedEye

    On the fourth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about making countdowns to big events visual

    I suggest introducing a sitewide countdown timer. With Christmas fast approaching, you need to let your customers know by what date they need to place their order, to guarantee they get their items delivered in time. This will essentially create an urgency around placing their order, and also gives them the peace of mind that they will receive gifts for their loved ones in time! But it doesn’t just stop with Christmas, depending on what you sell you could utilise a countdown for Valentine’s Day, Easter…the list goes on.

    Tasin Reza, CRO Director at RedEye

    On the third day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about making segmentation and relevance a big focus for next year


    A prediction for 2018 is that Black Friday will become Black November! Brands have gone significantly earlier this year and kept offers on for the whole month. As an industry we must try harder to give customers more value. Recipients have got wise this year to retailer’s efforts to empty their store cupboards of old stock and are just not buying in the same way, they are doing a lot more research than ever before to get a good deal. In 2018 let’s get back to focusing on segmentation and relevance, especially for this time of the year.

    Andrew Stockwell, Client Director at RedEye

    On the second day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, advice about getting the basics right first

    At this time of year, every year we tend to focus on making suggestions around the next big thing, we’re all guilty of being a magpie sometimes! But maybe this year our tip should be to take it right back to whether you have an automated, well segmented, appropriately personalised customer lifecycle.

    When a prospect joins your database, are they welcomed appropriately? As they convert in to a purchaser, have you nurtured them through that journey? As you then focus to retain them, this is best done by being relevant, if not, they’ll quickly fall back in to a pot of customers you need to reengage, which can be hard work in any sector. Even if it’s a one or two step, simple campaign within each stage, it’ll be better than the old spray and pray method, hoping you eventually get something to stick!

    Georgina Thompson, Head of Client Success at RedEye

    On the first day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about embracing change in 2018

    Make 2018 the year you really take chances with your website. Make this the year you truly embrace experimentation, not just testing a few small changes. Instead see what happens when you try and enhance the entire customer experience.

    The technology exists that allows you to experiment with radical ideas without destroying your business, so embrace that. You make the difference by being creative, coming up with new ideas, then the technology will tell you if they work.

    Be prepared to fail, if you are not failing you are not trying. As Connor McGregor famously said, you are either winning or you are learning – do both in 2018.

    Garry Lee, CEO at RedEye