RedEye's Twelve Days of Christmas 2018

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    We help you countdown to the holidays, by giving the twelve days of Christmas a marketing twist! Every working day we will be posting a new tip written by our RedEye experts on this page. So check back each day for a new tip or piece of advice for next year!

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about being relevant and creative


    At this time of year make sure you stand out from the crowd, everyone has a full inbox as brands compete to take a share of your Christmas shopping list! We know so much about recipients now with the behavioural, transactional and profile data held in your Customer Data Platform. Present them with a message that resonates through segmenting your data and using personalisation to make them feel you are the brand they want to buy from. Don’t just copy what you did last year! Find something new, something funny, maybe something topical, but definitely something impactful.

    Andrew Stockwell, Client Director


    On the eleventh day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me a tip about using SMS during the peak period

    The Christmas period is on! The tunes are blaring, Christmas trees are going up and the time for festive gift purchasing has begun – for marketers this is the time to shine.  

    SMS is proven to have great results, shown by spikes in website sessions, activity and sales. The question on marketer’s minds however, is when is the best time to utilise the SMS channel for the best ROI? With the high volumes of emails over the peak periods, marketing messages could fall into the depths of an over populated inbox, so it is now the perfect time to hit your customers with a holiday inspired SMS message.

    Incorporating SMS into your Christmas journeys is an essential tip to extend your reach and meet those targets. Use SMS to target non-engaged customers as a follow-up or to showcase your best offers and discounts. The use of mobile phones is always on the up and now is a better time than ever to make the most of your data. 

    Lottie Richards, Account Manager

    On the tenth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me advice about not ignoring my lapsed data

    Lapsed data, for some reason, is always coloured red. Red is the colour of danger, warnings, high risk and deliverability issues! In our heads, the re-engagement segment is the worst pupil we need to teach, the trek across the desert without water, the box we wish we hadn’t opened, the target group which does not want to be contacted. Or so we think...

    Do not dismiss the reds in 2019! Instead, get to know them! Overlay different rules to discover if they have ever purchased, if they are still active on the site, if they only purchase at one time of the year, if they are only interested in certain products or services. They may not be opening any of your emails so try a different channel or a different message.

    Red is also the colour of Santa’s suit; surprising us and delivering presents we weren’t expecting; the more thoughtful the gift, the more engaged the recipient. Sometimes a voucher will smack of ‘you don’t know me at all’, so more consideration and personalised messaging can definitely welcome these forgotten yet valued customers back in the New Year.

    Danni Hunt, Head of Multi-Channel Campaigns

    On the ninth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip on designing for mobile

    Always think of how your design will appear on mobile. With over 70% of digital communications being viewed on mobile devices (and this is set to grow even more in 2019) it is even more crucial that your design works perfectly on mobile. Ensure your imagery, copy and call-to-action buttons are all large enough for an easy and “no-effort” interaction. The more simplistic and usable your design becomes, the better the overall experience of interaction with your brand. This is what people will remember and what will lead them to come back for more.

    Sarah Clowes, Senior Campaign Designer

    On the eighth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a plan for consent management (we had to sneak a GDPR tip in here!)

    GDPR hasn’t gone away and for many organisations, work to achieve and maintain compliance with the new data protection laws, goes on. For marketers that use the personal data of their customers, managing the permissions they have to send marketing communications is a key challenge. One of the major changes in the way that the GDPR operates, is that it requires organisations to be accountable for their compliance and to be able to demonstrate how they comply with the law. No longer is it up to your customer to prove that you are doing something wrong, now it is up to the organisation to prove it is compliant with the regulation if challenged. So, what does this mean for the marketer, what information should they know?
    To start with, the following information should be recorded:

    • What has my customer agreed to receive?

    • How have they agreed to receive it?

    • Have they consented, or have they agreed to marketing via a soft opt in?

    • What information was made available to them at the time they agreed to receive the marketing?

    This information is not only crucial for ensuring that you are meeting the communication preferences of your customers, but also a vital part of the evidence you might need if you are challenged by one of your customers as to why you are sending them marketing. These permissions and preferences need to be stored in a way that allows you to easily segment those people who have opted in to different channels too. They might want certain information delivered to them via email, but for some types of communications, they might prefer SMS. This means that having a robust consent management framework in place within your Customer Data Platform should be an important part of your data management plan for 2019.

    Tim Roe, Compliance Director

    On the seventh day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, advice about reviewing my automated journeys

    Let’s make 2019 all about reviewing customer lifecycles and the automated journeys that we take the customer through. While I’m sure everyone will have a programme or perhaps multiple layers of a programme, when was the last time this was reviewed and tweaked? How many of you are thinking 12 months or even longer ago? We spend a lot of time and effort planning campaign activity but how much time goes into what can be automated and tying it to what our customers are doing?

    By starting early and putting in place a plan for the automated programmes, you’ll find you have more capacity and time to then look at the tactical campaigns that should help drive traffic through to the website. It really is a win win! Let 2019 be about improvements to your automated communications overall. Remember, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel!
    James Ede, Head of Account Management

    On the sixth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about the importance of social media


    Social media usage is on the up, so why not target your database via Facebook or Twitter? Social media can really increase brand awareness and can create a loyal fanbase. Extract data from your database to make use of this channel to target those that need a push to make their first purchase. Make social media a part of your marketing plan for 2019.

    Hannah Coomer, Senior Client Services Executive

    On the fifth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip to review my attribution

    When attempting to give your customers the best multi-channel experience how do you know what’s working? Your method of attribution will play a big part in how you measure the influence each touchpoint has had on conversions. However, most methods such as last interaction, linear or last non-direct click are all very static attribution models and don’t fairly reflect the influence each channel has. Make 2019 the year you truly know where to spend your marketing budget by using tools like a channel optimisation model to take the guess work out of your marketing.

    Martin Nash, Data Analyst

    On the fourth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, advice on how to make it easy for myself


    I regularly visit new clients and prospects and there is one subject that still causes furrowed brows and scrunched up shoulders in many meetings… Content! Aggghhh! We have been so focused on getting the data right in recent years, the actual message (or rather the logistical sourcing of the message) has been set aside.

    Why do most marketers hate a good old fashioned creative? It’s expensive, laborious, never enough resource and the whole department falls apart when the designer takes a holiday. Not only that, as soon as you have sent your expensive, high res, ‘on brand’ template that had 50 amends back and forth between 10 internal departments, it’s time to create a brand-new version for the next day.  No-one enjoys this part of what we do!

    Give yourself a break in 2019. If you must send out 23 emails in a week you are doing something wrong. Be smarter, more resourceful and more relevant. Behavioural dynamic content regions are the way forward and a content users best friend. Dynamic sections you can apply anywhere bringing personalised messaging to all of your recipients depending on who they are, where they are in the customer lifecycle, browsing behaviour, transactional history, lifetime value, propensity to re-purchase or unsubscribe. Limitless content that automatically refreshes itself without a Christmas Grinch in sight! 

    Danni Hunt, Head of Multi-Channel Campaigns

    On the third day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, advice on putting the customer at the heart of your segments

    How has your year been? Did you put the customer at the heart of your segments? If you haven’t, that’s ok, you can start right now! Understand where your customer sits in your customer lifecycle and target them with relevant communications. This is as basic as reminding your prospects of your USPs or sharing customer feedback with first time purchasers to try and convert them into second purchasers. Find the people who haven’t purchased in [insert specific product lifecycle timeframe here for you] and use either of these messages again, or offer a discount if that falls within your marketing strategy. These should be simple segments you can create tomorrow. Yes, you’ll see targeted segments give less volume, but it’ll give you a greater conversion. If you’re worried about a loss of volume, test it first with statistical significance.

    Georgina Thompson, Head of Client Success

    On the second day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about using predictive to take the guess work out of segmentation.

    Which prospects are most likely to convert? Which customers are most likely to lapse? Who is likely to unsubscribe?

    Use your predictive models to identify these groups of customers and then communicate with them in a way that will make a difference. An offer may be wasted on a prospect who is likely to purchase anyway but may help to re-engage a customer who is on the verge of lapsing. If an email contact shows a likelihood of unsubscribing pause communications or use a different channel such as SMS.

    Sarah Deacon, Senior Insight Analyst

    On the first day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about embracing omni-channel marketing


    To thrive in 2019, you really do need to put customers at the heart of your marketing and that means omni channel, not multi-channel, marketing. Multi-channel marketing is just communication across channels, but omni-channel is about communicating in your customers preferred channels with one single message.
    If you know I'm a VIP customer who loves vinyl, then you send me specific emails based on those facts. So why fill up my Facebook timeline with generic adverts? Why am I getting post through the letter box about your latest offers that don't interest me? I'm one customer, don't market to me as if I'm a different person in each channel. Utilise a single customer view database that's embedded with your channels, so I'm one person regardless of channel.
    Show me offers on classic Stones vinyl albums in every channel I use - I'm far more likely to remain a VIP that way!
    Garry Lee, CEO