SMS & Push Messaging: Vital Ingredients in the Customer Engagement Mix

    Mark Bundle | Campaign Manager

    Customer engagement is a complicated thing, made up of many different parts. Like a good cocktail, the blend of all the different aspects needs to be just right, otherwise you can be left with a bad taste in your mouth.
    Whilst email may be the king of ROI (and the most cost effective channel according to Econsultancy), no man, or channel in this case, is an island. Nobody make a Jersey joke…it’s too easy. Channels like SMS and push still have their part to play, and it’s important that every marketer understands how they fit into their customer journey.

    Email: A good base needs mixers

    Because as good as email is, it isn’t perfect.

    • Need to get an urgent message across to a group of subscribers right now? SMS is fast and doesn’t rely on deliverability through ISP’s.

    • Through the use of short code URLs, SMS activity can now even be attributed, so you can see exactly what financial impact that last message had.

    • Communicating a flash sale to your most engaged customers? Send a push notification to get them onto your app and purchasing instantly.

    Blending the ingredients

    A good customer engagement strategy makes use of all of its parts, email, SMS and push. In fact according to Econsultancy research, 77% of respondents believe that this kind of cross-channel approach has a “major impact” on increasing conversions.

    • For example, a travel agent may send an email confirmation when a booking is made, confirming trip details and suggesting that their app is downloaded to keep up to date.

    • When seats are open for booking a push notification could be fired to prompt users to confirm their seats, and at the same time offer upsell opportunities (more legroom/luggage/excursions) within the app itself.

    • The day before the trip an SMS could then be fired confirming flight details meaning that a customer has these to hand, regardless of 4G or Wifi availability.

    This represents a simple journey with minimal touchpoints, but gives an indication of how the three channels can work together to engage and benefit the customer and maximise revenue opportunities.

    Push & SMS: Added for a fuller flavour

    Making sure your customer engagement strategy uses SMS and push (alongside email) will ensure your business is more Woo Woo and less Dark ‘N’ Stormy! Not only will you be able to maximise order values, but keeping your customers engaged and happy will also do wonders for your lifetime value as well.