The Power of Data Capture – A Closer Look at our Partner ODICCI

    With the growing importance for brands to achieve a seamless Single Customer View, RedEye caught up with our partner ODICCI to find out how they are helping brands capture data offline and how this makes their RedEye partnership so powerful.

    Q: Tell us about ODICCI?

    A: We are a digital marketing agency specialising in database marketing.

    With our technology platform ODICCI, we help companies capture customer data by creating fun and interactive offline/online campaigns such as competitions, sweepstakes and surveys. With a range of beautifully-designed data capture modules, the ability to perfectly match brands on any device and our integrated reporting - the possibilities are endless. Our solution provides:

    • Engaging and responsive interfaces

    • Configurable data capture

    • Real-time reporting

    • Integrations with RedEye, Magento, Facebook, Twitter and Salesforce

    • Secure and robust infrastructure

    Q: Why is driving accurate data capture so important for a brand?

    A: Capturing data allows brands to improve personal relationships with new and existing customers. The data that you capture helps you build a better understanding of the customer so that you can engage with them in a more relevant way. The result is an increased trust in the brand as the customer feels more valued meaning they are more likely to engage with the brand in future.

    Q: Do you have some successful examples of ways that brands can capture data offline/online?

    A: We have been very successful in capturing customer data through competitions such as scratch cards with instant wins. Scribbler for example managed to increase the size of their database by 50% in 4 months. The process is easy for store staff to promote and very engaging for customers. When customers purchased a product they received an instant win scratch card. They could then go online to a micro-site and enter their unique code to see what they won; a trigger email would then be sent revealing their prize. 

    Q: What are the biggest challenges that brands face when capturing data offline?

    A: The challenges for offline data capture are numerous. It starts with the customer experience, it is challenging to ask for an email address without a clear purpose. Often data capture is based on paper forms or data entry at point of sale whereby customers can feel pressured and do not necessarily want to share much details. With ODICCI we empower customers to leave data at their own leisure and give them something in return. They need to know that their data is valued.

    Q: Why is the partnership with RedEye so beneficial to clients?

    A: The reason this partnership is so effective is that we both strive to create a personalised online and offline customer journey. By utilising ODDICI we help brands effectively capture instore customer data allowing them to increase and refresh their database with relevant, enriching information. Using Contour, RedEye’s customer data platform, brands will then be able to combine this offline data with their online data capture in a Single Customer View, creating highly targeted campaigns through its advanced segmentation and multi-channel deployment capabilities.

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