Top Tips for Your Email Marketing for Christmas and The New Year Ahead!

    Hannah Johnston | Content Marketing Manager

    Christmas – the most wonderful time of year! Well, maybe not quite so wonderful for us marketers!

    You’ve probably been toiling away over your Christmas email campaigns to make the absolute most of the festive season. And the fun doesn’t stop there, now you need to consider how you can smash your January sales email marketing.

    Just like a dog isn’t only for Christmas, an email marketing strategy is for life. You should hone and revise your email marketing strategy throughout the year, so you are ready and raring to go for your next peak period.

    To help you keep on top of what is crucial for your email marketing strategy, for the festive period and all year round, we break down our top tips. You can find even more in depth advice in our Peak Period Planning Guide here.

    How accurate is your data?

    If your data isn’t up-to-date you could be wasting your email marketing efforts. A good place to start is with a simple data cleanse and audit. Using email validation, you will be able to cleanse your database of invalid email addresses and domains. Data deduplication would also allow you to see a clearer picture of the number of records you actually hold.

    Capture new prospects this festive season

    Capitalise on spikes in website traffic that we see during the Christmas and January sales by promoting your newsletter sign up. Use a pop-up on your website or make use of paid ads on social media to target lookalike audiences. Your email marketing strategy will thank you in the New Year when you have lots of new prospects to target with great email content.

    Your data holds the answer

    Listen to your data to make sure you are targeting the right audience in your peak periods.

    Unlike in non-peak times, where you would use email or channel engagement for segmentation, during your peak periods your segmentation should be slightly different. Target customers based on their transaction history, did they buy something last time you had a sale period?

    Target all your newly captured data, or anyone that has specified they want to hear from you about your offers. They have identified themselves as active with your brand, so make use of this information!

    Another core group of users to target is anyone who has browsed your website but hasn’t purchased. They have let you know they are interested, so follow up with a relevant email based on what they have been searching for.

    Make your email marketing personal

    Choosing the right personalisation variants in your email marketing campaigns can create a unique customer experience to help your brand standout, especially during Christmas or the January sales.

    Use dynamic content to create personalised versions of the same email, with much less effort. Merge in last browsed item perhaps, remind your customer of that pair of shoes they just can’t live without!

    Use interactive content to add personalised imagery or countdown clocks into your emails (you can find out more about our different interactive content features here).

    There you have it, lots of food for thought for your Christmas and New Year email marketing campaigns! Get in contact with us here if you want any further help making your email marketing strategy deliver results in 2019.