Very Important Clients On A Very Important Day

Laura McHenry | Marketing Director
As previewed a couple of weeks ago, last Thursday saw us hold our annual VIP Client Day. I’ll be honest though, ours wasn’t the most significant event of the day…not by a long chalk.
June 6th 2019 marked the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings in World War II, and given our event was being held in the Churchill War Rooms in Westminster, London, the occasion was at the very front of our minds.
I’d thoroughly recommend a visit to the War Rooms – they’re an amazingly immersive experience. Descending underground from the busy streets (and daylight!) of London, you feel as though you’re genuinely stepping back in time and into the nerve centre of where key decisions about Second World War strategy were made.
While the key rooms where operations were run are impressive – notably the Cabinet Room and Map Room – I actually found the domestic rooms more affecting. The bedrooms of Churchill and his staff, the dining room and the kitchen all provided a familiar domesticity which contrasted with the knowledge that these rooms were used as bombs rained down on London above.
The venue provided a great backdrop to our event, which in itself was informative, and inspiring (and that’s not us blowing our own trumpet – I’m referring mainly to the external speakers and input from our clients!)
We’ll be covering some of the subjects covered in future posts, but first I wanted to share with you some of the highlights:
  • Rusty Warner, principal analyst from Forrester, delivered some brilliant insights into the move from personalisation to individualisation. Now, at first glance you might not feel that there’s a lot of difference between them, but believe me there is. It largely relates to the changing expectations of customers, that brands should understand their needs, but not necessarily everything about them is now becoming a hygiene factor. Individualisation is a strategy, not a tactic, and impacts every area of the organisation as customers expect an exemplary experience across all touch points throughout the entire customer lifecycle. One particular aspect stayed with me, that brands should be overt in collecting customer data, but covert in delivering individualisation: “providing great experiences that don’t require explanation”.
  • Rather than have our clients sit back and listen all day, we like to get them involved and tap into their own knowledge and expertise! Our Strategy Director, Rosh, led a workshop which challenged attendees to analyse a large set of anonymised customer data, and propose strategic decisions they would make around focus areas and initiatives. If nothing else, it was a great example of data driving additional questions, and there is often no ‘right answer’. More to come in future posts.
  • Our final speaker very much sat in the ‘inspiration’ category. Holly Tucker, founder of Not On The High Street, Holly & Co, champion of independent businesses and a ball of energy and passion, brought the day to a fast-paced close with her own inspiring story. Brutally honest about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, and the effects that the all-encompassing nature of building a business can have on personal relationships and health, Holly’s insight was invaluable for any of us looking for a good work/life balance and, of course, finding purpose and passion in our work.
As I said, these are just some of the highlights from what was a full and fantastic day, and we’ll be dipping into the detail of the day’s themes in forthcoming posts.

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