Your Customer’s Inbox doesn’t deserve to be snowed under this Christmas!

    Tim Roe | Compliance and Deliverability Director

    Ensure Optimum Email Engagement this Festive Period

    We all know the difficulties too well when it comes to email send frequency in peak sale periods – we want to engage our customer with offers and exciting content but we also don’t want to snowball their inbox either! Sending emails at the incorrect frequency is the biggest reason customers disengage. Your email send frequency can be just right for some, not enough for others and too much for some. But how do you hit the mark and get it just right?

    The Solution – Tempo: Predictive Engagement

    Tempo: Predictive Engagement is a product we developed here at RedEye over a year ago now, with an aim to solving this conundrum for our customers, click here for our press release detailing the product in full. Tempo unlocks the full potential of your customer’s behavioural data. The advanced frequency optimisation tool lets you auto adjust send-outs during peak and off-peak periods and customers only receive high volumes of email when they’re truly engaged with your brand. Leading to fewer unsubscribes. Greater ROI, revenue and customer satisfaction.

    Last Christmas…

    This time last year we worked with our valued client Hotel Chocolat on a pre-Christmas campaign putting Tempo: Predictive Engagement into action in their email campaigns. To view the full case study based on the project click here, but to give you a feel for the success of the implementation of the product, we focused Hotel Chocolat’s email campaigns on the most engaged segments of their email list using the Tempo system and consequently the revenue stemming from the email campaigns rose by a massive 25%! Not only that but they achieved their lowest ever unsubscribe rate and their IP certification and white-list status both survived the festive period intact.

    With Hotel Chocolat’s pre-Christmas campaign being such a success we wanted to compare that with the success of this year’s campaign:

    The 2014 pre-Christmas campaign utilising Tempo: Predictive Engagement achieved remarkable results with open rates increasing by 15%. 2014 also saw a 25% increase in revenue when compared with previous campaigns.

    In 2015 we are still seeing increases, Hotel Chocolat’s open rates have increased by 25%, click through rates have increased by 30%, but the figure that really showcases the success of Tempo over the last year is the further increase in revenue seen since 2014 when Tempo was implemented. Revenue has increased by 72% compared with 2014, showing how the continued use of Tempo: Predictive Engagement can have a real impact on the success of the email channel.