LoginRadius Partner with RedEye to Create Seamless Login Experiences

    RedEye have announced their latest partnership with LoginRadius, a leading identity management solution specialising in social login. The LoginRadius solution serves 3,000 businesses worldwide and serves over 600 million users. They have been recognised as a leader in customer identity by Gartner and Forrester.
    LoginRadius’ leading social login solution helps brands create a more seamless customer sign-up, creating a connected digital experience. Social login creates an alternative to traditional login methods; the average person has 27 online accounts to remember, according to Intel Security, with 47% of customers saying they have used social login to avoid creating a new password.
    The LoginRadius and RedEye solution will create new avenues for customer identification with the ability to login using 35 different social networks including; Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and PayPal. Brands can then utilise this data as part of a unique customer profile to create powerful multi-channel marketing campaigns within RedEye’s marketing automation platform, Contour.

    RedEye’s Head of Strategy, Roisin Campbell, comments on the partnership:

    “We’re excited to begin our partnership with LoginRadius, at RedEye we are continuously looking for ways to increase client performance and understand the limitations that traditional login methods can create for their customers. The partnership will not only make it easier for our client’s customers, but it will also allow them to action this information as part of a unique customer record.”
    To find out more about how the LoginRadius platform works, visit the LoginRadius website.

    If you are interested in joining RedEye’s Partner Programme, get in contact here.