Mention Me Partner with RedEye to Supercharge Customer Growth through Referral Marketing

    RedEye have announced their latest partnership with Mention Me, a referral platform that allows companies to reward customers for sharing their brand.

    Mention Me’s leading refer-a-friend platform helps companies drive new customer acquisitions through the power of referrals via 14 different mechanisms, including email, Facebook and Twitter. To encourage happy customers to make a referral, they will receive a discount and the new customer they have referred will also receive an introductory offer.

    Their seamless platform gives marketing teams full control to A/B test all components of the offer and creative so that they can optimise everything. Mention Me works with just two javascript tags and plugs into ecommerce platforms and tag containers so you can get up and running quickly.

    Courtney Wylie, VP of Product and Marketing, comments on the partnership:

    "We're excited to be joining forces with RedEye to offer our market leading referral platform to their customers and vice versa. Their focus on data and insights aligns really well with what we believe is also important to finding success with refer a friend.”

    Simon Gripton, Head of Sales at RedEye adds:

    “We are looking forward to working with Mention Me and helping our existing clients realise the value and ease of referral marketing. Through the partnership, Mention Me’s clients can also benefit from RedEye’s unique data platform, Contour, enabling them to create a genuine Single Customer View across all channels.”

    To find out more about how Mention Me’s referral platform works, visit the Mention Me website.

    As a valued RedEye partner, Mention Me will benefit from regular co-branded marketing and sales activities. If you are interested in joining RedEye’s Partner Programme, get in contact here.