RedEye Launch Predictive Modeller to Help Marketers Predict Their Customer’s Next Move

    London, UK, 8th February 2018: RedEye, the leading UK AI driven multi-channel marketing automation platform, announces the launch of Predictive Modeller within their multi-channel Marketing Automation tool, Contour. Harnessing the power of AI, this predictive analytics tool is now available to help clients and future clients predict their prospect and customer’s next move.

    A fully integrated module, Predictive Modeller supports every aspect of the customer journey with its 5 models; Convert, Multi-Purchase, Churn, Unsubscribe and VIP supported by a continuous Life Time Value Tracker. Vasudha Khandeparkar, RedEye’s Head of Insight comments “RedEye's Predictive Modeller is one of the most intuitive and advanced predictive analytics tools available for marketers because it removes the guesswork from optimal segment creation and can be seamlessly integrated with ongoing campaigns.”

    RedEye’s predictive algorithms utilise a vast wealth of data available within the RedEye Customer Data Platform. Unlike many other solutions, it doesn’t just rely on a single data source. Instead, it leverages every customer touchpoint from transactional to engagement data as well as customer behaviour across channels. The models learn and adapt as prospect or customer behaviour changes ensuring each predictive model is always growing and changing, avoiding obsolescence. Predictive Modeller automatically identifies new cohorts and opportunities enabling the marketer to further segment and personalise while delivering predictive campaigns across any channel.
    Additionally, the seamless nature of the Predictive Modeller means that the customers / prospects will be automatically moved from one model to another as their customer journey progresses. Garry Lee, RedEye’s CEO comments “One of the most exciting aspects of the Predictive Modeller is not only the results it has already generated for our clients, but the dramatic increase in automation it supports. We estimate that most marketers are only using around 40% of the automation capability of their marketing tool. This AI-driven predictive segmentation, that moves the customer through the journey automatically, frees up the marketer to really add value creating the most compelling communications to increase conversions and revenue.”
    The Digital Marketing Lead at Footasylum comments “We were blown away by the Predictive Modeller that RedEye implemented using our database. A big challenge for us has been encouraging our prospects to make that first purchase. Being able to identify the prospects most likely to purchase has been invaluable, allowing us to ensure our customer journey is tailored to encourage this segment to convert. Generating a 115% increase in sales, the models proved themselves to be crucial to us.”

    Matthew Kelleher, Chief Commercial Officer of RedEye, says “Predictive modelling unlocks the potential of Marketing Automation. Previously Marketing Automation was limited to obvious ‘events’, from Welcome Programme to Basket Abandonment. But this takes it to another level. It gives the Marketer the capability to personalise multi-stage, multi-channel campaigns around key outcomes, such as purchase and churn. How, and when, you talk to customers and prospects will change completely.”