Tempo: Predictive Engagement

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    Retailers - We've Fixed Christmas...

    Sending emails at the incorrect frequency is the biggest reason customers disengage. Too often, not often enough…get it just right in the run up to Christmas 2015 by unlocking  the full potential of your customers’ behavioural data.

    Companies like Hotel Chocolat are already unwrapping the benefits of Tempo: Predictive Engagement from RedEye, the pioneers in behavioural marketing. The advanced frequency optimisation tool lets you auto adjust send-outs during peak and off-peak periods and customers only receive high volumes of email when they’re truly engaged with your brand.

    No hassle. Fewer unsubscribes. Greater ROI, revenue and customer satisfaction.

    Hotel Chocolat increased their Christmas email revenue by 25% while reducing the amont of emails sent by 40%. Who wouldn't want to achieve these kind of results?