Webinar: Successfully navigating the path to the inbox during unfamiliar times

    Get access to invaluable advice in this on demand webinar including how to successfully continue to engage and interact with your customers by ensuring your emails reach the all-important inbox in these ‘digital only’ times.

    Maintaining a healthy email reputation is the foundation for achieving your engagement and conversion goals.

    Your email marketing strategy may look very different to how it was a couple of months ago. Therefore, you need to ensure that this change in approach doesn’t affect your ability to reach the customer inbox.

    video on deliverability

    Key topics include:

    • How to attain a good domain and IP reputation - the fundamentals that need to be in place for ISPs to accept your emails.
    • Secure the value of your database - advice on how and when to contact your subscriber lists depending on their engagement levels.
    • How to improve reputation that is now damaged - helpful and actionable techniques you can start using today to turnaround a poor domain and IP. 
    • Frequency Optimisation strategies - how segmentation, automation and AI contribute to healthy customer engagement and drives conversion.



    Hosted by Tim Roe, RedEye’s Compliance and Deliverability Director, and joined by Charlotte Freddi, the CRM Marketing Manager at Gtech, they share guidance on how to avoid common mistakes that may impact the success of your changing email strategies.

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