Webinar: Predictive Modelling - The how's, why's and what's

    Matthew Kelleher | Chief Commercial Officer

    Predictive Analytics: Find out how Footasylum increased prospect conversion by 27.5%

    This webinar took place on 19th April at 3pm (GMT), don't fret though, you can watch the recording below.

    What does the webinar focus on?

    • Find out about RedEye's predictive models, designed to show you which of your customers are likely to purchase, lapse, churn, become a multi-purchaser or a VIP

    • Hear how our client Footasylum utilised the model and the results they saw - Joe Turner, the Footasylum Digital Marketing Lead, explains all

    • RedEye's own CCO will be talking about the uplifts to be gained by each predictive model and how they also unlock the 60% of your Marketing Automation capability currently sitting dormant

    Watch the webinar recording below!

    Download the webinar recording