Single Customer View: The Biggest Challenge, The Biggest Reward

    Matthew Kelleher | Chief Commercial Officer
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    How well do you know your customers? Can you tie together their actions online, in-store, through call centres and apps? The only way to do this is with a genuine Single Customer View.

    The Single Customer View is a seemingly complicated term, as Econsultancy agree, but as our CCO discusses in this paper, it is crucial to the future of relevant and personalised marketing.

    This paper focuses on the frustrations of the marketers we speak to, along with their (understandable) confusion, and the most common questions we hear. RedEye Chief Commercial Officer, talks about the issues he sees in the traditional database marketing industry, gives ideas on how to resolve these and do what every brand wants…increase the value it derives (from its customers!).

    Many marketers call their current marketing database solution a ‘Single Customer View’, and it may well have been when they first implemented it. Far be it from me to burst bubbles, destroy dreams or, dare I say it, demand a reality check, but Single Customer Views have moved on. Every new channel through which a customer can engage with you brings a new challenge to maintaining that all-important SCV, and an opportunity in doing so.

    The major issue faced by marketers is that the world of database marketing has not progressed into the cross-channel realm. Significant frustrations exist that database companies hold your data for a considerable fee but don’t add value. They have become just another silo of data, which the majority agree prevents clear cross-channel views, and doesn’t effectively integrate with the key growth areas for most retailers: ecommerce.

    In data terms, the role that ecommerce plays can no longer be ignored by database marketers. It’s not simply a new route to purchase. It is the shop window, a point of comparison where customers can view, match, price check and research your products against every competitive product in the marketplace. It is the high street on steroids and this is not a simple channel to integrate – customers aren’t adhering to any type of funnel. They can, and do, appear at any point in the process and dart back and forth between various stages of their own accord. Because of this, it’s essential that ecommerce uses all the possible customer data it has to keep those customers engaged with your brand.

    A modern marketing database solution absolutely must collect and maintain data from all your channels, on or offline, at a single customer level, and make it available for you to send communications back out across these channels. Only then do you have a Single Customer View that will drive the kind of brilliant, engaging, personalised cross-channel communications that your customers will be happy to receive.

    Throughout this White Paper we address the fundamental question: do you genuinely have a Single Customer View (capital letters because it’s a ‘thing’)? And if you haven’t, why you absolutely have to have an SCV (it’s an acronym now because the ‘thing’ had capital letters) if you’re planning to seriously contend with your competitors in the increasingly intensive battle for orders and loyalty.

    What else can you expect to see in this Single Customer View White Paper?

    • We bust the myths around the SCV

    • Discuss how imperative integration is

    • Look at what actually makes up a Single Customer View database

    • Explore the rise of Predictive Analytics

    • Understand the importance of customer identification

    • Look at the role of segmentation

    • Examine personalisation

    • Review the total cost of ownership

    Download our white paper which will take you through the common frustrations marketers come across when it comes to traditional database marketing, it also focuses on helping you decipher whether you really have a Single Customer View and if you haven't, why you need one.

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