What You Need to Know About GDPR and Marketing

    Tim Roe | Compliance Director

    We are all very conscious that the new General Data Protection Regulations are coming in to force, but what do these changes entail for marketers and who does GDPR apply to?

    We asked our Compliance Director this question and he wrote a white paper all about it! This white paper will give you a background to the GDPR and provide guidance on the most important elements based on the principles of the regulation. An understanding of the principles will help you, as the marketer, to understand the context of the instructions provided in the regulation. This is essential when balancing up the rights and freedoms of the individual, with the needs of the business.

    Download this white paper to understand the seven key principles and how you can ensure you comply, covering:

    • Being accountable for your own compliance

    • Being transparent with the data you use

    • Correct practices for GDPR direct marketing

    • Ensuring you only use your data for the purpose you specify

    • Limiting your data collection

    • GDPR and Marketing

    • Keeping your data up-to-date and accurate

    • Keeping data for only as long as you need it

    • Protecting your data with appropriate security

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