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What’s stopping you from creating better campaigns?

Watch our interview with RedEye Marketing Director Rachael Kotadia and Senior Account Executive Tom Clarke, discussing the simple and effective ways marketers can start sending better campaigns to their audiences.

Infographic: Top 25 tips for marketing success

We asked a selection of our marketing specialists to give you their top 25 tips to help you with your business, marketing, and even personal success!

10 effective ways to grow your email database

A growing, healthy and engaged email list is what all email marketers strive for and is vital for successful campaigns. But how do we get new customers to join our audience?

Infographic: The summer of SMS

 Whether it be a one-off, a peak period like summer, or a long-term commitment, SMS can really boost your marketing efforts and is a simple addition for any marketer building out a multi-channel or multi-step journey.

Infographic: AI for email marketing – 10 things you need to know

The world of AI in email marketing and marketing automation can seem intimidating. Download our infographic which demonstrates the power of predictions and how it lets you see your marketing future.

See our platform in action

Take a video tour of RedEye

See how RedEye releases the potential of your customer data to create personalised multi-channel campaigns across the customer lifecycle.


In under 3 minutes you’ll discover:

  • How quick it is to create customer segments for use in campaigns
  • The simplicity in building dynamic personalised email creatives
  • The joy of creating multi-channel campaigns from a single workflow
  • How AI-driven predictive models will transform your customer lifecycle marketing


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