Bonmarché increase revenue through engagement

The Challenge

Bonmarché have a growing online presence and wanted to ensure growth in engagement and revenues from the email channel in the run-up to the busy Christmas period. They were particularly keen to see improvement when compared to the same time in the previous year.

The Solution

RedEye and Bonmarché decided a double-pronged approach would be the most effective way to see a significant increase in delivery, open rates, click rates and conversion. This involved making full use of the segmentation tool ensuring the most receptive customers were receiving the majority of communications and using whitelisting to ensure those emails were actually reaching the inbox.

By implementing a structured approach to email segmentation and timings, Bonmarché were able capitalise on RedEye’s engagement segments to effectively mail those most likely to engage on a more frequent basis, whilst mailing those least engaged with only the strongest messages to guarantee the best possible engagement and conversion.

Return Path whitelisting was also in place where in the previous year it was not, helping to ensure that emails were successfully delivered to inboxes in a timely fashion in order to provide the best opportunity for conversion.

The Results

The effects of this approach delivered dramatically successful results. Compared to the previous year Bonmarché saw an 85% increase in open rates, 23% increase in click rates, 19% increase in conversion and a campaign ROI of 27,465%.

However, the most important point is that the revenue from this campaign compared to the previous year increased by 49% while the email send volume increased by only 13%.

This campaign delivered exactly what we had hoped for. Increasing revenue from email by 49% while only increasing our email volume by 13% goes to show what the combination of a great segmentation tool, whitelisting awareness and supportive account management can achieve! These results also confirm to Bonmarché the commitment RedEye have made to supporting us in achieving our ongoing business goals and objectives



Increase in open rates compared to previous year


Increase in click rates


Increase in revenue from campaign

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