Budget achieve 836% ROI

The Challenge

Email marketing has always been an important part of Budget’s online business. However, previously the company had used email to send general newsletters and confirmation mailings. The blast approach resulted in many emails being unopened, leading to low conversion rates and a low ROI.

Budget wanted to find a cost effective solution to improve customer engagement, improve conversion and increase online sales.

The Solution

RedEye helped Budget implement the Customer Behaviour Campaign; a highly segmented programme of behavioural email marketing. Using RedEye’s unique integrated database Budget was able to capture and hold a large range of customer and prospect data, covering both online behavioural activity and registration details.

The data was segmented within the database enabling a range of email triggers to be set up and automatically sent to specially target certain data pots. Email triggers were spilt into different categories covering pre-purchase, post-purchase, personal triggers and business customers.

Pre-purchase emails were used to encourage consumers to make an initial purchase. These emails covered abandonment, welcome and browser information.

Welcome emails were introduced to target any user after they registered online; these emails were used to help build brand loyalty and encourage users back to the website to make an online booking. The browser information email was triggered by any user that had viewed 2 pages of the website, but had not entered into the buying process.

In the post-purchase category, as well as a general conformation email, Budget also introduced a pre-rental reminder email. These emails helped to improve customer engagement and loyalty, while providing a perfect opportunity to upsell.

Personal triggers, such as ‘happy anniversary’, were sent based on a time completely unique to each individual user.

The Results

One of the biggest achievements of the campaign was that Budget received whitelist status. In addition to this the average conversion rate from all email triggers was 6.51%. This reached an average of 17.95% on welcome emails. The average CTR on email triggers was 19.73% this reached over 30% on abandoned basket emails.

In the first 10 months of rolling out the campaign email volume grow by 225% with no impact onunsubscribe rates. The cost effective nature of the campaign resulted in an ROI of 836% and year on year revenue from email more than doubled.

RedEye has provided us with fresh, innovative designs, that really have helped improve the success of our campaigns. Through understanding our message and business targets RedEye ensures all components of our email campaign work together; from design, to content, to overall strategy. Since working with RedEye email volume has grown by 225% and ROI has rocketed.

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Return on investment from campaign


Average conversion rate from all email triggers


Increase in campaign email volume

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