Abandon basket campaign generates 55% click though rate for Chums

The Challenge

With such high competition in the online retail market, Chums approached RedEye to help optimise its abandon basket email campaigns.

The Solution

RedEye implemented an A/B test on the subject line of an abandon basket follow up campaign. The test involved a personalised version of the subject line featuring the name of the product the customer had abandoned.

Two subject lines were chosen and tested using a 50:50 split over a month.

  1. “Still looking for your [[Item Name]]…”
  2. “Still looking for that special something…”

During the testing process, the personalised version (1) produced a higher unique open and click rate, and revenue more than doubled compared with option 2.

The Results

From the success of option 1 in the testing, the personalisation of the subject line in abandon basket emails for Chums, achieved an ROI of 692%. Additionally, the personalised version achieved a 5.7% click to order conversion rate.

As well as this, the personalised version achieved a unique open rate of 55.8% and a click through rate of 55.1%. This was 14.2% higher than the non-personalised version.

Due to this success, Chums has applied the personalisation of subject lines to the first trigger of all abandon basket emails campaigns.

We selected RedEye to help encourage users of our website to convert their searches into purchases. RedEye was able to deliver impressive, tangible results and have made a real impact on our ability to convert abandoned browsers and baskets into sales. I have been impressed with the technology that RedEye has used to implement high levels of personalisation and look forward to delivering more targeted, timely and relevant campaigns through their platform in the future.

Head of Marketing



Click through rate as a result of personalised subject line


Return on investment due to variation


Click to order conversion rate from variation 1

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