Abandon basket email campaign generates huge ROI for Craghoppers

    The Challenge

    Like many online retailers, Craghoppers wanted to improve website conversion through targeting users abandoning an online purchase. The company already implemented an effective multi-channel marketing strategy run by XCM, however it was felt a third party with expertise in email marketing (both strategically and technically) was needed to maximise success of an email marketing programme.

    The Solution

    XCM introduced RedEye to help Craghoppers incorporate a highly targeted abandoned basket email programme. With over 15 years’ experience in running highly targeted email marketing programmes, highly sophisticated tagging technology, and a strategic account management team to oversee the project, RedEye is perfectly placed to work with XCM and Craghoppers. RedEye worked with XCM to develop a strategy to fulfil the business goals required by Craghoppers.

    To maximise the campaign’s success RedEye suggested Craghoppers incorporate dynamic content into the campaign. Using this, all abandoned basket emails would include an image and the price and product details of the exact item(s) the user had added to their online shopping basket and then abandoned. Up to four separate product images/ information could be included. The incorporation of this dynamic content ensured all information was highly relevant to each individual user.

    The programme itself was very simple, consisting of one dynamically produced email sent 24hrs after the basket had been abandoned.

    The Results

    The abandoned basket email campaign implemented by Craghoppers resulted in a 3088% return on investment. The average open rate for the campaign was 61.60% with a click through rate of 27.70%.

    The single trigger abandonment programme has proved so successful that Craghoppers are now investing in extending the campaign. RedEye is currently helping Craghoppers set up a follow-up email, sent to recipients who do not open the initial abandoned basket trigger.

    Through the RedEye abandonment programme we have managed to convert a large percentage of hitherto lost transactions and to the online marketer this is an invaluable asset. We are now able to incorporate dynamic content into our automated email campaigns, giving us a more personal approach to e-marketing.

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    Return on Investment achieved for the campaign


    average email open rate


    average email click-through rate

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