Halfords Autocentre Email Personalisation leads to 54% uplift in open rates

The Challenge

Halfords Autocentres has over 300 UK branches and is theUK’s leading MOT, car service, brakes, repairs and tyres specialist. Halfords Autocentres send regular emails to their customer base and email subscribers, so were looking to improve email engagement and open rates through the use of personalisation within email, where possible.

The Solution

Halfords Autocentres collect basic details about their customer’s cars where possible, like for example car manufacturer name. This  information is stored by RedEye and it was determined that RedEye held the car manufacturer name for 90% of the mailable database. Dueto this it was agreed that this information would be used for a personalisation test.

Two areas were included in the personalisation test –subject line and creative. For the customers whose car manufacturer names were known, they were sent an email with a personalised subject line featuring their car make. The rest of the database received a generic subject line. The email creative itself also featured the car make, although this personalisation was not as prominent as the subject line.


That using the car manufacturer name in the subject line would improve open rates – some evidence of this had already been seen in a small test to owners of one specific car make.

The Results

The results for the personalised variation were extremely positive, with an overall uplift of 54% in open rate when compared to the generic version. Another great result was the uplift seen for those customers who hadn’t previously engaged with email, a 124% uplift in open rate was seen for this segment.

The personalised variation also achieved a 13% uplift in overall click rate and 86% uplift in conversion rate. Based on the results of this test, subject line personalisation using car manufacturer name was rolled out to a number of behavioural email programmes.

This project also won ‘Gold for Subject Line or Form’ in the Which Test Won Email and Mobile Testing Awards 2015, showing how successful this was for Halfords Autocentre.

We were really keen to find a way to improve engagement with our email channel and looked to RedEye for support with this. The personalisation test shows just how successful this project was with a massive 124% uplift in open rates by those who hadn’t previously engaged with email, a result we didn’t think possible. Winning the Gold Which Test Won Award for ‘Subject Line’ was the icing on the cake for us!

Communications Manager

Halford's Autocentre


increase in conversion


increase in email open rate


increase in overall click-through rate

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