NMA winner for Best Use of Email

The Challenge

As an online retailer, email marketing has always been an important source of gaining business for Interflora. However, in the past Interflora had used email marketing as a short term means of arriving volume. Consequently the company had suffered problems of blacklisting by AOL and had been recognised as spam. Interflora wanted to find a way to improve sender reputation, improve customer relations and improve those all important sales.

The Solution

Following a full restructure of Interflora’s email marketing database, Interflora continued to work with RedEye to develop a highly segmented and targeted email marketing strategy.

In April 2009, the customer contact plan was introduced incorporating a monthly 4 week email communication plan, a series of triggered emails, a new email subscription process and a disengagement programme. All email campaigns were segmented to be relevant and timely to each individual subscriber. To ensure Interflora’s email database was kept clean a new email subscription process was set up, along with a disengagement programme. The new email subscription process advised registrants of any benefits in signing up for the Interflora newsletter, set up expectations to the volume of emails the subscriber would receive and gave the subscriber the option of choosing preferences on what they would like to receive information on.

The disengagement programme gave disengaged users the option to unsubscribe from mailings or change their preference details. Any users still disengaging were removed from the mailing list. Both these strategies helped to keep Interflora’s email database clean, helping to improve the company’s reputation as an email sender.

The Results

Open rates, click through rates, sales and conversion rates all increased from the previous year. Interflora also achieved white list status from AOL.

At Interflora it is very important to us that our customers feel valued and in control of their email subscription, which is what The Customer Contact Plan strived to achieve. Using the plan we are now continually engaging with more customers increasing both sales and ROI. We are delighted with the results and are extremely pleased to be white listed by AOL.

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