Raileasy's award winning strategy increases bookings by 38%

The Challenge

In a competitive market of travel fares, Raileasy sought to improve the results for its existing search abandon automated email.

The Solution

To optimise the existing search abandon email, RedEye suggested Raileasy introduce personalisation into the subject line.

RedEye launched a 50/50 split test, measuring the control subject line “Haven’t found what you were looking for?” with a test version populated with the travel destination that the customer had searched for – “Still looking for tickets to [[Search location]]?”

The Results

Over the 6 week duration of the test, the control version achieved an average open rate of 34.83%, with the personalised test version achieving an average open rate of 45.80%.

The personalised version also achieved a click through rate that was 10% higher than the control and delivered 38% more bookings despite being sent to the same number of people.

RedEye was able to manage and produce a considerable improvement to our search abandon email campaign. RedEye was able to deliver tangible results that proved a considerable improvement in the open rate of our emails and resulted in an impressive conversion.

Customer Service & Marketing Manager



increase in bookings


average open rate achieved


higher click through rate generated

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