Travis Perkins used AI and Predictive Analytics to reduce customer churn by 54%

How Can I Reduce Customer Churn?

The clues to your customer’s next move exists in the data. From the prospects likely to purchase, or the customers at risk of lapsing, RedEye is using Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to successfully identify key ‘next likely actions’. By doing this we put the power back in the marketer’s hands by giving you the opportunity to influence those outcomes. Using its proprietary Customer Data Platform, RedEye has built a Predictive Model that works on top of Travis Perkins’ database. This Model analyses all customer behaviour, from past transactions to website engagement even within the last hour, to understand patterns of behaviour.

The Impact of Customer Churn

The nature of the customer lifecycle means that reducing the rate of customer churn is just one of the ways that an organisation can improve lifetime value. For Travis Perkins the use of the Churn Model drove an increase in customer lifetime value of 34% in a single 12-month period.

Reducing customer churn is one of the most profitable activities a marketer can employ. It is far more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. Any reduction of the lapsed segment is a direct increase on the active segment, allowing marketers to turn more customers into profit.
At RedEye, we have been working on implementing Predictive Models on the Travis Perkins database for over a year now. Together with RedEye, Travis Perkins have progressed from trying to understand what marketing messages will work best to re-engage lapsing customers, to automatically targeting predictive segments with their latest products and offers

Improve Your Customer Lifetime Value

Reducing the churn rate of the Travis Perkins database is just one element of increasing customer lifetime value – and it is clearly an effective method at that!

By reducing churn over the last eight months, the overall value of the Travis Perkins database has grown by over 86%, leading to an increase of nearly 90% in the segment of active contacts.

Imagine the potential for your marketing with an increase of 90% in active contacts?


increase in active contacts segment


increase in database


increase in customer lifetime value

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