RedEye recruitment scam

Official Notification - Recruitment scam

We have been made aware of a recruitment scam being advertised via Linkedin, WhatsApp, and Telegram, that is impersonating RedEye and employees of RedEye.


Unfortunately, these scams are commonplace with many businesses being impersonated to add credibility to the scams – we just happen to be one of those being impersonated. The scam has no impact on RedEye’s business operations or systems.


If someone responds to one of these ads they are then contacted by people posing as RedEye recruiters or trainers. These people are promoting fake jobs in the travel industry in an attempt to obtain money from victims of the scam.

These scams have no relationship with RedEye and are using links to RedEye’s website illegitimately as well as faked documentation to add credibility.

If you have responded to one of these adverts and someone contacts you on WhatsApp or Telegram claiming to be from RedEye, please block the number and/or report the scam by forwarding it to 7726 – a free reporting service provided by phone operators.

If you have seen the advert on Linkedin, please report this to the Linkedin using this link

You can find out more information on how to spot phishing messages and what action to take on the Action Fraud website, please see more information here:

Here are some tips on how to spot a phishing message:

  • It’s a message that you weren’t expecting
  • It comes from a number or email address you don’t recognise
  • If it contains a link – please avoid clicking it
  • It offers unrealistic salaries or working arrangements
  • They are asking for money or personal details, such as your CV
  • The advert is poorly written and contains spelling errors

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