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From kick-off to victory: How to field a winning multichannel team 🏆

14th June 2024 - 5 mins


By Lauren Heckman

, Content Marketing Manager

Just like the beautiful game of football, in marketing teamwork and strategy (as well as skill) are what helps you achieve victory. Putting together the right combination of tools that enhance each other’s talents, is key to creating a winning marketing team.

When putting together your best marketing line-up you need a team that works well together to achieve great results. Each member must be great in their own right, but together they make a dream team.
During their purchasing journey, 73% of customers will use multiple channels. So, it is essential to not just be using multiple channels for your marketing, but make sure the right message is communicated, at the right time, on the right platform or device for each customer.
This strategy is the best for making your marketing outputs more profitable, as multichannel shoppers tend to spend three times more than single channel shoppers.
Whether it’s email, SMS, social ads or more, piecing together a team of channels will help you engage and convert your customers at whatever stage of the purchasing journey they are in.
With this in mind, our recommended dream team would be:
Star striker scoring a goal

Star Striker: Email

The player of the match, with 94%* of consumers checking their email every day and 73%* saying it is their preferred marketing channel email, it is the bread and butter of your marketing mix.
For the launch of a new range, project or event, email allows you to give more information, entice clicks with your products or services with powerful imagery and start to draw people to your website for your ultimate goal.
Unless the customer coincidentally was on your site, they might not know about your latest project or what’s on offer, so email is one of the best ways to immediately draw people to engage and convert.
Plus, email segmentation is one of the easiest ways to personalise your content for different audiences to really be on the ball.
Women footballer crossing the ball into the box

Inside Right Forward – Web personalisation

Pass the ball to web personalisation to really create a hyper-personalised user experience. Using your customer data, you can customise what they see on your website.
Whether that be simply recognising them as a VIP customer, showing them content what they would want to see, may that be male or female ranges, holidays in a location they have already searched, or you can target select customers with high-value items, back-in-stock items or any content most relevant to them.
Assisting email with pinpoint crosses, it’s a perfect partnership to really enhance your customer’s experience.
Footballer doing an overhead kick

Inside Left Forward – SMS

Once you have the data on who has been to your site, viewed your new campaign offering and clicked away, draw them back with SMS.
SMS is a big game player in your marketing dream team as it receives the highest open rates of 97-99% and fantastic click-through rates of around 36% .
Plus, they are usually read within 15 minutes upon receipt, making it perfect to add any urgency to your campaigns such as offers ending, event information or perk updates as part of your loyalty scheme.
We have seen that 75% of customers opt-in to receive SMS messages, making it perfect to cut through the noise of email but still easy to personalise.
This speedy winger can get around low blocks and cut the ball back to Email for a simple conversion.
3 women footballers talking in midfield

Central & Defensive Midfielders – Social, Search and Display retargeting

This hat-trick will look after all of your retargeting. You can hit your target with your ads to show specifically to those who have been on your site browsing.
Catch their attention when they are on social media or searching online for other items and draw them back to your site by delivering a seamless experience by making the content relevant to each user.
Plus retargeting makes the most of your ad spend, not wasting it on guesses or targeting a customer who has already purchased that item, as you are using the data you hold to drive the ads.
We have seen that including coordinated Facebook retargeting as part of your multichannel mix can increase your campaign reach by up to 77%!
Another bonus to this is on social media you can create ‘look-a-like’ audiences, to serve ads to those who have similar attributes to your customers, drawing more fans who are likely to be interested in your site and generate more sales.
Footballer heading the ball clear of defense

Right Back – Direct Mail

Yes, you heard us, direct mail is not dead! In fact, they are the unsung hero of your multichannel lineup.
Direct mail may not be in your day-to-day campaign plans, but if you have a long-term campaign or one that may need a boost, it is a perfect addition.
It has one of the highest returns on investments which over the years has become easier to track due to QR and discount codes and it’s a great way to really be creative and engage your audience.
A perfect avenue for any retargeting or localised campaigns you may have running such as events, new stories or experiences.
Centre back winning a header against the striker

Centre Back – Web Push

To kick off notifications, personalised web push is the smarter way to engage with the segments you want.
Grab their attention with a web-based notification while they are already browsing, we have seen that customers prefer to be notified that an offer is available to them rather than them having to go look for it.
Convenience and personalisation are a great way to engage customers with 15% click-through rates seen by our current users.
Women Centre back bringing the ball out fo the box

Centre Back – App Push

The other side of the notification coin, app push can draw users’ attention when they aren’t browsing. Another fantastic tool that can gather and use data to perfect its messaging, segmentation and results.
Adding app push to your multichannel journey helps with your right message, at the right time on the right device strategy, launching when your user is most likely to be on their phone and ready to spend – back of the net!
Left back tackling a winger

Left Back – Two-Way SMS

The new wonderkid player on your team who’s destined for the top. Not just your typical SMS messaging where it’s a one-way street.
Two-way SMS allows customers or clients to respond to your text messages.
They can rate your business/delivery/product or confirm appointments by replying to your message with a pre-set response. I.e. ‘Reply YES to this message to confirm’ A really quick way to get responses from your subscribers and clients.
Expanding further on the already great results SMS messaging receives by gathering real-time feedback and overall help improve customer satisfaction.
Goalkeeper diving to the left to save a shoot on goal

Goalkeeper – RedEye

RedEye provides all of these channels in our one platform, saving you from having to pay multiple license fees per channel.
A tool that can do it all and support you as you expand your multichannel journey. You can mix and match, start with a 5-a-side and expand until you have a full squad.
Email plus any of the additional channels above helps you expand your reach, generates deeper connections with your audience and helps you gather more data as you go to optimise your campaigns.
Having a platform that can help you easily build a customer journey and add different channels along it will soon see you at the top of the league. 🏆
Team celebrate winning the cup

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