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Infographic: The Marketer’s January Prep Checklist

19th December 2023 - 2 mins


By Lauren Heckman

, Content Marketing Manager

Start the new year right and finish the financial year strong, tick off the ‘must-do’s’ post-peak.

It may be the start of a new year but for some Q4 has only just started making this the ideal time to check off everything on your ‘must-do’ list to finish on a high, but also get prepped for the next financial year.
Even though peak is over the campaign still isn’t completed. It’s time for a debrief!

  • Not only looking at your results but also how did the team work together, and what can be learned to ensure an even smoother peak next year?
  • Did you gather new customers over peak? What is your strategy to nurture your new additions and convert them into regular customers?

In this checklist, you will find 15 prompts that you should consider implementing to start the year off in the best position possible. Including post peak follow-ups, reviews you should be doing, data cleanses and planning.
Download the Checklist

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Lauren Heckman Content Marketing Manager

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