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Become a Peak Geek by watching these 3 Black Friday webinars from RedEye’s marketing automation experts

The Peak period will shortly be upon us and Black Friday madness will consume our time once again.

Here at RedEye we want to ensure you are fully equipped to navigate this period in a timely and seamless way ensuring optimum customer reach and provide your priceless customers with engaging, relevant content that will help you hit those all-important targets.
We have a series of short webinars for you to watch covering the following:

How to Manage your Data & Segmentation

Data Expert Lee Chawner and Deliverability Manager Chris Wilde take you through the steps to ensure you reach as many customers and prospects as possible during the Black Friday period without damaging your database or IP reputation. A must for every retail brand.
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Innovative Ideas for Black Friday Content

From the Account Management Team, Melanie Hurst and Evie Holland show how innovative content and a little imagination can increase your Black Friday engagement and maximise those revenues. There is something for everyone in this webinar from driving key personalisation via dynamic to interactive recipient content.
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General Practice Black Friday Tips & Tricks

Ellie Beeby, Annie Platt, Sarah Sherwood and Megan Phillips cover all of the essential tips and tricks requiring focus during the Black Friday marketing period. Customer and prospect behaviour changes significantly during the peak period so be one step ahead and remember these all important considerations.
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We hope you enjoy watching and take some actionable insights away from each video

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