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RedEye’s roadmap to marketing automation success

Based on 4 core elements, our roadmap to Marketing Automation Success helps you build a strategy for your multi-channel marketing.

RedEye’s bespoke four core areas are designed to maximise revenue for your brand and optimise the customer experience.
Delve into this guide where we share key elements of building a future-proofed marketing automation strategy. This guide is based on the expertise and knowledge that RedEye has gathered while working with some of the UK’s largest retailers, allowing RedEye to generate important insight into future trends, helping you build a roadmap for your automation success.
The four core elements that make up the Roadmap to Automation Success are:


Explore the biggest opportunities that lie within your customer lifecycle, did you know 25-30% of your marketing revenue could be generated from automated campaigns?


Create relevant experiences for your customers, ensuring they are receiving communications they are more likely to engage with.


Create unique experiences across your campaigns, as customer experience becomes more and more key to stand out from your competitors.

Predictive Modelling

How to action Predictive Modelling within your marketing and discover hidden revenue opportunities.
Roadmap to automation Success - Download here

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