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What’s stopping you changing marketing platform?

18th September 2023 - 14 mins


By Lauren Heckman

, Content Marketing Manager

Watch RedEye Marketing Director Rachael interview Richard and Bobbie our onboarding team as they talk through the main hurdles marketers face when considering changing marketing platforms.


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Most businesses come to us when they are ready to take a step up in their marketing campaigns, create more personalisation, and start really getting in-depth with segmenting their data and getting the most out of it.
Two of our onboarding team Richard and Bobbie are there from the start to really help new partners feel confident as they transfer platforms.
The top advice they offer is, to look at changing tech as an opportunity. We understand you have a lot invested and you need to get time to value back quickly, so being as efficient as possible and ensuring a smooth transition with no disruption to your campaigns or your customers is a top priority.
“We’re the extension of their team for the time they are with us” says Bobbie, stressing that your goals are our goals and that open, honest and consistent communication, from an initial scoping call to setting key milestones and an overall deadline is all part and parcel when changing platform to RedEye.
Regular calls can be scheduled for reassurance and updates and you can be as hands-on as you like.
Data is the foundation of great personalisation, but Richard reassures us that even though it’s a key challenge it is something that our teams relish, collating it all together, having the right permissions and helping you set up your automated campaigns, we are able to work it through with you.
“Clients are looking beyond just the tech” says Bobbie, and they are always happy to have strategic support, idea generation, a dedicated account manager and real people behind the phone rather than just a ticketing system.
Watch the video to meet our onboarding team and see that changing marketing platform isn’t as daunting as you may have first thought.

This video is hosted by YouTube which contains a tracking cookie. Please accept Marketing Cookies to watch this video.


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