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A decade ago RedEye pioneered what mainstream Conversion Rate Optimisation is today. We are the proud publishers of the most important annual market research report focusing on the maturing CRO marketplace. We also have more clients than any other CRO agency, now that’s a fact that speaks for itself!

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We tailor our approach to your needs, whether that be a fully managed or modular custom service, we will provide the approach to CRO and personalised marketing that works for you.

At our Blackfriars offices we have more experts than you can shake a stick at, with teams of Solutions and QA Engineers, Optimisation Consultants, Data Analysts and Strategy Consultants. All working towards optimising the websites of companies that turn over more than £5m per month online.

AB Testing & Personalisation - a tailored approach to testing


We tailor our approach to your testing and personalisation needs. Our modular testing typically includes user research, design, quality assurance as well as the development and implementation of AB tests and personalisation campaigns. You set the parameters for success and we’ll help you deliver – whether you’re seeking improvements to your sales conversion rate, more revenue per visitor, greater average order value or to boost customer satisfaction. Our unique ROI calculation model will help you to continually demonstrate the improvement in performance on a test by test basis.

The time to be honey badger brave is now! Find out how taking a bold approach to CRO pays off.

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Generating test ideas that drive customer engagement & ROI


At the heart of RedEye’s website testing prioritisation engine is our proprietary algorithm, looking at:

  • Feasibility: How easy would it be to test the idea in terms of building the variant(s)?

  • Predicted Uplift: What is the expected site-wide uplift?

  • Internal Ease: What obstacles are there within your organisation?

  • Revenue: How much revenue will the test generate when annualised?

  • Customer Engagement: What level of increased customer engagement can we expect?

The decision is yours; do you want to have a website your competitors aspire to?

CRO Analysis & Reporting to achieve improved ROI


Being able to easily measure the success of a test as well as the annual site-wide uplift is a prerequisite of CRO Analysis and AB Testing with RedEye. One of the first things we do with all clients is build a framework for measuring the ROI from our CRO activities. We are yet to find a business model which we cannot build a mutually agreed ROI model for. Not sure how to track the ROI of your testing? Contact us and we will build a transparent ROI framework for you.

Looking for more insights? Our 2016 CRO Report, written with Econsultancy, analyses the answers from 900 respondents, giving you the chance to find out what the rest of the industry are really doing.

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CRO training with RedEye

At RedEye we provide expert CRO training and encourage all our clients to be hands on with conversion rate optimisation, testing, analytics and personalisation. We always endeavour to pass on our expertise and help train internal stakeholders as part of any engagement.

We can provide training at our offices or onsite at your own offices. All training is interactive; a mix of task based learning and is always delivered by subject matter experts.

Web Analytics to support your CRO efforts


Our expertise in web analytics and data analysis goes right back to the foundation of our company. We use that foundation of expertise to ensure your analytics are set up correctly to provide the appropriate customer data necessary to support your bespoke CRO programme.

We also use it to generate enhanced test ideas, to determine where drop offs and problems occur and understand the role and performance of key landing pages, product pages, purchase funnels, referral sources and device use, on the path to conversion.

49% of marketers say a lack of internal resource is the biggest barrier to successfully executing a CRO strategy.

RedEye & Econsultancy

2016 CRO Report

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