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Customer Insight to promote loyalty and engagement

RedEye’s aim is simple. To create actionable insights from customer data that enable marketers to create personalised cross-channel interactions that promote customer engagement and customer loyalty.

 Customer Engagement Strategy

Our data experts take the time to understand your customer data and key business challenges, allowing us to equip you with an understanding of the true value of those customers to your business and drive a market-leading, multi-channel customer engagement strategy.

We also recognise that your customer data is unique to you and that’s why we deliver bespoke analytical solutions based on your specific requirements. Our data experts are always on hand to help tailor any solution to suit your business needs, as we recognise that one size never fits all.

Customer Data Insight

Data Insight has become an increasingly critical resource to better meet customer needs, drive clearer ROI from marketing initiatives, inform business strategies and seek competitive advantage. We identify key factors that influence purchase, spend, value and optimal engagement across the customer journey. RedEye enables you to then define, prioritise and implement multi-channel strategies, journeys and campaigns that drive increased revenue and ROI. There are many different ways we can help.

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Customer targeting - Predictive Modelling

When it comes to customer targeting, stop guessing and start predicting. Predictive Modelling from RedEye takes the guesswork out of targeting customers; influential factors no longer need to be assumed, the behaviours and characteristics that influence what a customer will do next is chosen for you.

Imagine if you knew which customers were on your website right now, browsing which products, or were visiting which store and spending time in which department. Enrich that recent behavioural data in your Single Customer View database. Include transactional, contextual and demographic data. Then, through advanced analytical techniques, you can start to implement incredibly powerful predictive models. This has the potential to dramatically increase the relevancy of your marketing campaigns through improved customer targeting and product recommendations.

Predictive Analytics truly takes the guesswork out of targeting your customers. To find out what the industry is saying about Predictive Analytics, download our report written with Econsultancy.

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Data Visualistion - react to changes in customer behaviour


We don’t just give our clients the numbers. Our reporting and data visualisation capabilities enable you to see, analyse, segment and act on your data.

RedEye’s data visualisation gives you the opportunity to observe changes in the profile of your customers and the size and value of your segments over time. It will also paint a better picture of how successfully you are converting prospects; increasing purchase frequency; re-engaging and reducing your inactive base and growing the number of VIPs. You will clearly be able to see how the lifetime value of your customers is growing and the key factors influencing those changes.

Customer segmentation - target and differentiate for greater impact


Customer segmentation has changed! True personalisation depends on the ability to harness new elements of data within your Single Customer View, and develop segmentation solutions that can plug directly into your dynamic content and email personalisation tool for integration across all of your channels.
Our customer segmentation capabilities focus on developing intelligent, actionable segments that deliver short-term results. RedEye segmentation will also enable you to target individual customers with tailored communications that also drive longer-term brand loyalty.

Customer Journey Mapping

On the way to purchase, the average customer journey includes up to seven devices. Our unique data driven approach to Customer Journey Mapping gives you the true picture of what your customers are doing both online and offline. Our ability to draw in other sources of data gives you the context to truly understand why the customer behaves in those ways. This means that you can deliver a better customer experience and, ultimately, increase conversion rates.

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