Customer Data Insights & Analysis from RedEye

Customer Data Insights and Analysis enable you to unlock the potential within your Single Customer View database

By understanding your brands customer engagement, RedEye can put you firmly in control of the conversation. Customer data insight is a critical factor in decision making and are expected to become increasingly more important over the next few years. But many organisations are challenged by using customer data to manage information and business performance. That’s where we come in.

Our Approach

At RedEye our approach is quite simple. We focus on being able to answer the questions you have about your customers, the performance of your existing marketing programmes and existing customer journeys. We believe the true value of data can only be harnessed by asking questions and the more questions you have the better.
We help you unlock the untapped potential within your customer data by shining the light on data-led answers to your questions that might otherwise be overlooked.

Customer Lifecycle Management

We can help you to understand where your customers are in the customer lifecycle, allowing you to focus on increasing revenue over the short and medium term, so you can:

  • Establish activity levels amongst existing customers – engagement with communications and the recency, frequency and monetary value of transactions to inform development of actionable segments
  • Define the customer engagement strategies and multi-channel marketing programmes required to increase conversion, purchase frequency, spend and longer-term customer value

Data driven campaigns

We can help you to identify the differences in customer behaviour at different stages in the customer journey, highlighting opportunities to improve interactions and conversions.

  • Understand the optimal interval to encourage first purchases or to encourage customers to come back to the site after abandoning activity based on the analysis of customer behaviours
  • Identify the timescales for first and second purchases amongst customers to inform timings or follow-up communications
  • Establish the level of switching between digital devices – mobile, tablet and app to understand the role and value of each during the journey

Cross device shopping opportunities

Taking advantage of cross device shopping opportunities is essential. We can help you to identify the customers likely to be most interested in additional products or services, and when to remind customers to re-purchase or replenish before they run out or expire, such as:

  • Establish the relationship between browsed or purchased product categories to develop targeted product recommendations
  • Identify the products that a customer is likely to purchase based on their transactional and web activity to inform the content of communications

Use data to optimise the customer experience

We can help you to determine the key issues and opportunities to address the customer experience and enable you to understand the link between your strategic customer metrics – Net Promoter Score, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, repeat purchase and overall customer retention. We can help answer questions in all of these areas:

  • Customer Recency
  • Purchase Frequency
  • Channels
  • Spend
  • Products
  • Customer Engagement
  • Cross Sell
  • Seasonality

The in-depth data analysis RedEye carried out has enabled us to create relevant and engaging email communications which were key to creating a conversation with prospects we had not communicated with before.

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