Marketing Consultancy Services from RedEye

Consultants to answer your marketing data questions and help shape your marketing strategy

With all your data in an actionable Single Customer View at the heart of the RedEye Customer Data Platform, one of the immediate responses is the desire to ask the data questions.

Marketing Automation experts on hand

We are always looking to provide our users with easy to use tools to query their own data and to drive insight and value. But sometimes those burning questions can be specific to your brand, or you want to ask it in a certain way. That's why RedEye’s experts are on hand to help you answer those questions.

Just some of the questions we help our clients answer

  • Customer journey mapping: What journey are my customers taking? We help you identify disconnects and weaknesses in the customer experience and target key drop out points.
  • Lifecycle planning: Am I serving my customers with the best customer experience that maximises conversion? Our experts can work with you to review your campaign options, supporting all stages of the customer lifecycle.
  • Channel development: How do I achieve an omni-channel customer experience? Our teams are available to help you implement a cross-channel approach to each customer journey.
  • Onsite support: Can someone come onsite to support my team? Our strategy team, channel experts and Head of Multi-Channel Communications can have a hugely positive impact on your results!

Experts that can analyse your data in depth

We also have a bank of experienced data analysts ready to carry out custom projects on your data, such as:

  • Predictive Modelling
  • RFM Analysis
  • Customer/Prospect Profiling
But their capabilities are so broad we gave them their own page - Data Insight & Analysis

Maximise your Marketing Automation strategy

We are deliberately resourced to help our clients maximise the opportunities that Marketing Automation brings, with a resource pool of marketing experts for you to call on. With this in mind, we offer services that optimise your current and future campaign activity, such as:

  • Campaign building and optimisation
  • Strategic workshops
  • Creative artwork design & email builds
  • Creative recommendations & best practice approaches
  • Heat map analysis
  • Recommended test & learn strategies to adopt
  • Utilising agile content effectively

Every business has different commercial demands, that's why we provide standalone or collaborative projects, from initial scoping to complete solutions, ensuring you maximise your investment.

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