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Great User Experience comes from knowing your customers

In the past five years we’ve observed over 2,500 people interacting with websites, apps, emails and games, and conducted research in more than 10 countries around the world.

Since 2000, our specialist UX team has helped diverse brands such as Skype, Tesco, ASOS, M&S, Scottish Widows, Ford Europe, Royal Mail and esure, optimise their websites.
Whether you’re embarking on a CRO programme, generating ideas for digital products or looking for user validation in your agile development, we can help you gain valuable insights, allowing you to build the best experience possible.

Usability Testing - get under the skin of your customer

Usability testing gives you rich insights into the barriers customers face when using your website, as well as evaluating and validating your designs. RedEye provide expert moderation and analysis, professional user recruitment and bespoke labs so that you can test websites, apps and emails on all devices.

How does Usability Testing work?

Customer Journey Analysis - refine the journey, optimise conversion

Did you know the average customer uses up to seven devices on their journey to purchase?

Our unique data driven approach to Customer Journey Mapping gives you the true picture of what your customers are doing both online and offline. Our ability to draw in other sources of data gives you the context to truly understand why the customer behaves in those ways. This means that you can deliver a better customer experience and, ultimately, increase conversion rates.

User Centred Design - ensure your website and tests have the best chance of success


Putting user centred design (UCD) principles at the heart of what we do creates better customer experiences. Whether that is designing single page variants for A/B tests, or undertaking complete website redesigns.
User centred design can be incorporated into waterfall, agile and other approaches. The principles can be adapted to suit the scope, scale and budget of particular design projects. Whatever your requirements, we will work to meet them.

Competitor Review - how do you match up?

Understanding where you sit within the marketplace, in comparison to your competitors, is crucial information. At RedEye we combine our expertise in data analysis, UX and user research to benchmark critical elements of your online customer experience against your competitors.

Once we have completed our benchmarking we provide you with practical recommendations, to address any areas of weakness, to ensure you stay ahead of the game.

User Research - understand the 'why' behind your data


Group research, surveys and ethnographic research are some of the methodologies we use to investigate the ‘why’ behind your behavioural data. Exposing the true wants, needs and motivations of your customers means that products going into development are more likely to succeed.
We provide clients with a bespoke approach, combining our data expertise with a wide variety of research methods. Whether you’re looking to undertake a major ‘user needs’ study or just want to get quick validation and insight around your redesign ideas, we can help in a way that suits your timescales and budgets.

CRO places significant importance on the customer, their needs and expectations. Web analytics can point to where a problem is e.g. high bounce rate, but it is very hard to accurately understand why the issue is occurring without UX.

Tasin Reza

CRO Director, RedEye

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