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User Testing across multiple devices

Usability testing in our lab gives you rich insights into customer behaviour. Undertaking testing across multiple devices means you will find barriers to conversion, generate ideas for A/B testing, identify improvements and evaluate designs. We don’t just tell you what’s wrong, we tell you how to fix it too!

We’re website usability experts

RedEye have an established reputation for high quality user testing, using a two moderator approach for maximum insight and objectivity. Our clients frequently use recommendations from our testing sessions to A/B test on live websites, meaning we are constantly learning and improving our knowledge of how real customers behave and relating this back to our research activities. This knowledge gives us exceptional accuracy, depth of insight and expertise when analysing user behaviour.
RedEye's professional recruitment ensures an accurate match to user profiles and we offer live eye tracking as standard on desktop. Our reporting is second to none, with the emphasis on providing actionable recommendations and clear next steps.

Want to get involved in the process?

We have a viewing room on site at our London offices, which can comfortably accommodate up to 10 observers. We know that getting stakeholders, product owners and developers to watch real customers using your website is one of the best ways to build a shared vision for customer experience in your company.


Want to see how it works? This is a demonstration of testing on the B&Q website.

Usability Testing session set up


Our viewing room features a large wall mounted flat screen TV that shows the users’ online activity (including live eye tracking) while another TV shows a head and shoulders shot of the user with real time audio. This means that no nuance of the testing is lost. We also provide live, secure web streaming for stakeholders unable to attend in person so everyone can be involved.


Travel vs. retail websites have very different challenges - view the Enterprise test.

What about if you're not based in London?


We can conduct lab based UX Testing at other locations around the UK and in many countries worldwide. We also offer remote unmoderated testing and fast turnaround iterative testing for agile development. We run group sessions - a mix of testing and focus groups - that provide valuable insights in the early stages of product development.


We do like to get out and about. In-store eye-tracking can be incredibly insightful. This is a session we ran for our client Hotel Chocolat.

A massive draw for lab testing is that clients can come and watch, live, as the sessions happen. This means they’re able to talk to the moderator during the day and tweak the sessions to get the most out of them. Refining the task questions to get better answers out of later participants is really helpful.

Susanne Wraight

Head of UX Consultancy, RedEye

Would you like to see how customers are really using your website?

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