Marketing Automation, Predictive Analytics, Single Customer View

What you absolutely need to know

We were born in 1997, and have been developing great technology solutions to empower your marketing strategies ever since. Our goal is simple: to help you deliver amazing results.

We're fans of big words like “Multi-Channel Marketing Automation” but, really, we believe that sophisticated solutions can be simple. All RedEye products are driven by a unique database that combines all customer data – online and offline – into a single view.

We then make this vast depth and breadth of data available to you through tools and interfaces you'll like using.

We’re also the five-time winner for best use of email, and have received numerous awards for Supplier of the Year. But enough about us (we’re shy like that). Head over to our products and services pages. That’s where the real action is.

We all need to start somewhere. Wherever you are in the process of optimising your marketing, the RedEye team is there to help.