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Find out about the two key elements that make RedEye different

The marketplace we all operate in is awash with claim and counter claim. Technology platforms trying to out do one another left, right and centre, all in a mad dash to grab market share. You, the client, the user, would be excused for not knowing who to believe (we certainly don’t).

We all want one thing

At RedEye we know that you, the user and the client, want one main thing – to drive up income and improve ROI. You want to gain competitive advantage by improving personalisation and increasing conversion.

Seriously though, if you don’t need or want to deliver that, then stop reading now and go put your feet up. Your work here is done. You are officially a Marketing God!

But we believe that for us mere mortals, there are two issues more important than any other in achieving this goal and we want to prove it to you.

Our Technology

In the guts of RedEye’s Marketing Automation platform, Contour, is the one element of a Marketing Automation platform that most businesses don’t highlight (and it’s actually about as sexy as guts). It is the element that actually drives TRUE, long term, sustainable success. It’s the number one, the head honcho of increasing conversion and revenue – it is customer identification.

See, I said you wouldn’t find it exciting.

Do you have customers or cookies?

Ask yourself this. If a customer interacts with my brand and I don’t know who they are, how can I personalise to them? How can I increase the likelihood of conversion? How can I stop them choosing a competitor and hinder driving up my own income? How can I automate my lifecycles and programmes to address the needs of a cookie or an orphaned database record? These questions are a constant and only increase in complexity with each new channel and operating system.

You and your brand want to work with a customer, not a cookie. With a single customer record, not a series of duplicated records. With a single customer view, not a series of channel-related data silos.

Contour can give you this.

Contour is built around a unique single customer view database that combines comprehensive web and channel tracking, device recognition and advanced customer deduplication capabilities into a single, unique customer identification solution.

So what?

Well, if you can accurately identify individuals and build a detailed single view of them, then that’s more customers and prospects you can target. Segments are bigger, anonymous browsers shrink, opportunity is greater, and above everything else, conversion opportunities are higher.

Contour gives you the power to drive income more effectively than any other platform.

Still don’t believe us? Read our case studies… no one else can show you the breadth of organisations that have significantly improved their income using RedEye and Contour.

You can see here how RedEye's SCV and Contour were central to Penhaligon's success

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Our People

The other element of the marketing mix RedEye is passionate about is people. Which is odd for a technology business, right? Well, no actually, we don’t think it’s odd at all.

RedEye provides you with people (yes, real people!) to support your marketing plans. People to answer the phone when you have a question. People to get back to you when there is an issue (hey technology breaks… or gets broken! We think waiting two weeks for a call back is simply not acceptable). People to provide ideas and market insight. People to come onsite when you have a resource issue or people who can pick up work for you when you are overloaded. People who act as an extension of your own team. People who can help you get set up quickly rather than outsourcing it to another company.

Account Managers to work with you, consultants to advise you, strategy experts to help you form more complex plans and Client Services Managers to implement them for you.


How do we know? We asked

We actually asked you (or several hundred people like you), through a survey in conjunction with Technology for Marketing, what you thought of the role of people in a technology and predominantly SaaS world. The number one outcome was that people support from technology providers was critical.

But words are easy, so we have done something to try to prove that if you choose RedEye our people will be on hand.

We asked our existing clients to look into the camera to tell you themselves. You can watch that video here.


of marketers want someone on the end of the phone to help out


of marketers think that having a dedicated Account Manager is very important


of marketers want ongoing support from their technology vendors

From the outset it was obvious RedEye were the right fit for us, it was clear they had the levels of expertise we required and they could provide the perfect amount of account management support, meaning we knew they were always there when we needed them.

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