Marketing Automation, Single Customer View, Cross Device Tracking

Our Marketing Automation tool, driven by an advanced SCV database, helps you to deliver market leading results

At RedEye we help you achieve a true single customer view that drives your multi-channel marketing forward. Not only that, but our super charged platform can also track your customer's whatever channel or device they decide to use, putting the power firmly back in your hands.

Contour's key components

Our Marketing Automation platform is overlayed with a Single Customer View database. This has the ability to track your customers across devices.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Contour is the Marketing Automation technology at the centre of everything we do at RedEye. It doesn’t just take everyday marketing tasks and automates them, it measures, it tests, it optimises, and most importantly it delivers.

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Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform

Effective multi-channel marketing can only stem from a data platform with a single customer view spanning across all of your channels. RedEye have been pioneering market leading databases since 1997 and we are showing no signs of slowing. We can help you work out what your database should be doing.

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Cross Device Tracking

Customer Data Platform

The heart of any database is customer identification and deduplication capabilities. At RedEye our cross device tracking solution links every device used by a customer to their individual record, giving a much clearer view of your customer’s browsing and buyer behaviour.

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Contour is intuitive and easy-to-use

Contour's main priority is to make the process of creating, measuring, testing and optimising campaigns as straight forward as possible. Whether you are building a multi-stage basket abandonment process or a multi-channel lifecycle journey, Contour allows you to do it all through one easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

With Contour busy automating your marketing, you have time to worry about the important stuff like improving the customer experience and increasing your return on investment.

Our clients trust us to deliver amazing ROI

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