Customer Data Platform from RedEye

The Marketing Database Evolution

Increase your customer lifetime value via sophisticated Marketing Automation, improve Customer Identification across multiple devices and improve your database management with our Customer Data Platform.

Spend less and achieve more from your Marketing Automation with a Customer Data Platform

Create a seamless omni-channel experience by harnessing the power of your customer data across multiple touchpoints. The ability to derive powerful insights from customer data will improve the ROI from your Marketing Automation.

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Deploy data-driven multi-channel campaigns with ease

Data-driven marketing is the key to success in today’s marketing arena. Our Customer Data Platform is built around a Single Customer View, which brings together all your customer data, from any source, into a single customer record to help drive your personalised Marketing Automation strategy.

Target customers, not anonymous mobile browsers

Accurately record the customer journey across multiple devices, orchestrating highly relevant omni-channel campaigns to improve the customer experience using our unique Cross Device Identification.

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Predictive modelling workspace

Predict customer behaviour to maximise sales opportunities

Having all your customer data in one platform is the perfect foundation to apply predictive solutions. Predict your customer’s next move… whether they are likely to purchase or lapse, become a VIP or unsubscribe. Contour Predictive, built around Machine Learning algorithms, gives the marketer the ability to influence that journey.

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We put data in the hands of the marketer!

Marketing can be limited by a lack of access to data. Whether it is due to legacy systems, lack of resource from IT or siloed data repositories, the RedEye Customer Data Platform resolves this perennial issue. A platform that takes automated feeds from key data sources and then adds layers of enhancements, such as behavioural and engagement data, does not need external management and is therefore the domain of the marketer.

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Database dashboard

Reduce costs by removing data silos and platforms

Integrate all of your marketing platforms into Contour, our simple to manage Marketing Automation tool. Contour enables seamless distribution of data around your business, reduces reliance on individual SMS or Email platforms and connects more web platforms than any other integrator.

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