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Track your customer regardless of channel or device

One of the key elements of any Customer Data Platform is the ability to identify an individual customer and then merge any information, activity or engagement for that customer into one single customer record within the Customer Data Platform.

RedEye’s Customer Identification solution pulls together data from the channels that a customer engages with, from call centres, direct mail and in-store to email, app, social and more. In that individual customer record it ties together all the types of data you control as a brand. So anything from customer information, contact permissions and transactions to behavioural and engagement data, predictive model scores and any other customer data you have.

It also ties this information together with RedEye’s unique device recognition solution allowing you to identify mobile users not as anonymous shoppers but as prospects and customers.

RedEye does this for you. Seamlessly. Constantly. In Real Time.

Ensure your data is constantly developing


Our Customer Identification solution works hard at the core of the RedEye Customer Data Platform. Every engagement you can think of with your brand, is constantly and automatically updating within the customer record - adding depth and knowledge. This has some remarkable benefits. Fewer anonymous browsers and larger segment volumes are created as previously ‘orphan’ opportunities can be associated to actual customers. All of this enables more relevant targeting, enhancing the customer experience and driving up revenue!

Our Customer Identification solution is built for the omni-channel world

RedEye’s Customer Identification solution allows organisations to evolve from the limited de-duplication facilities of archaic marketing databases. Traditional customer de-duplication methodologies based on name/address/postcode formats are no longer fit for purpose.

At RedEye we believe that an accurate and effective omni-channel strategy starts with the development of a database merging ALL necessary information under one customer record. So we built the RedEye Customer Identification solution to tie data from every channel at an individual customer level for one express purpose… to allow you to deliver an omni-channel experience.

Discover the tangible benefits of using a true Customer Identification solution

The combination of data across touchpoints, channels and devices opens up real business insights that lead to profitable opportunities to move your business forward. Do you suspect that some of your mobile browsers are actually customers you cannot identify? Contour identifies those who are customers and those who are prospects. Solutions like this become available to you when you use RedEye’s Customer Data Platform.

We have market leading data integration solutions

RedEye utilises unique structures and tools to integrate and combine siloed data to create a single customer view. Every channel, every device, every silo is integrated into a single, marketing-ready database. RedEye’s unique customer de-duplication capability delivers this with ease. Underpinning this process is the ongoing auto-collection of web behavioural data, added automatically and held at a unique customer level. We build the database for you, automating all of your primary data loads and providing you with the capabilities to carry out ad-hoc data updates through front end extract, transform & load tools.

Good quality data collection and de-duplication is critical to an accurate and up to date database, which ultimately leads to large increases in targeted email and huge uplifts in revenues for campaigns.

Garry Lee

Importance of an Accurate Single Customer View White Paper, RedEye

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