Customer Identification from RedEye

Expert customer tracking across channels and devices

Identify an individual customer and merge their interactions and engagements into one single customer record. Our advanced customer tracking allows for a truly personalised and segmented approach.

Solve your Customer Identification problems

Tie together cross device data across the customer journey with RedEye’s Cross Device Tracking solution, allowing you to identify users not as anonymous shoppers but as prospects and customers.

The RedEye solution ties together all the types of customer data you control; from customer information to behavioural and engagement data to predictive modelling scores. This adds depth and knowledge, allowing more relevant targeting at every stage of the customer journey.

RedEye does this for you. Seamlessly. Constantly. In Real Time.

Customer tracking built for the omni-channel world

Evolve your marketing database from the limited de-duplication facilities of the past. Traditional customer de-duplication methodologies based on name/address/postcode formats are no longer fit for purpose.

Accurate and effective omni-channel strategies start with the development of a database merging all necessary information under one customer record.

Remove silos with our market leading data integration solution

Combine your siloed data to create a Single Customer View with our data integration system. Every channel, every device, every silo is integrated into a single, marketing-ready database that automatically collects customer behavioural data. We build the database for you, automating all of your primary data loads and providing you with the capabilities to carry out ad-hoc data updates through front end extract, transform and load tools.

Working with RedEye has been very insightful, providing information on our customers. It's crucial to know who to target and when. This information will be invaluable for segmenting and tailoring emails to our customers.

Head of Digital Trading

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