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Services that enhance one of your most important assets - data

At RedEye, not only do we create real value in your data by bringing it together into a single platform but our automated services enhance your data, to help you realise it as your most valuable asset.

A platform that automatically builds lifetime value 24/7, 365 days a year

The RedEye Customer Data Platform is a system that is always on, capturing every channel engagement with a customer, to build lifetime value. It constantly adds this data to the customer record, always tying together mobile devices with customer histories and identifying browsers as customers. It deepens your customer profile and the customer database. This process continues to build the customer profile, driving greater insight, customer knowledge and identifying business opportunities, helping you to build lifetime value.

"81% of marketers are looking to increase budgets for data-driven marketing, while 83% of marketers believe it's important to be able to make data-guided decisions. That's nearly every marketer! Over half expect to see revenue growth as a result of data-driven marketing investments (only 7% expect a decrease), and 39% plan to increase spend on data-driven marketing initiatives."

- Econsultancy

Customer data cleansing

Customer data can become outdated and inaccurate very quickly if not kept up to date. RedEye’s Customer Data Cleansing suite will continue to clean your database and flag changes to customer lifestage, ensuring your data hygiene is of the highest standard. Regular cleansing assists de-duplication, improves accuracy, reduces campaign costs, increases campaign responses and ensures you meet legislative requirements.

The RedEye Cleansing suite includes:

  • Address cleansing against the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF)
  • Flagging the database against industry goneaway and re-direction suppression files
  • Flagging the database against industry deceased suppression files
  • Flagging the database against Direct Marketing Association preference files

Save money with accurate customer data

Regularly cleansing your RedEye database is one of the ways that we can improve data accuracy, give a more accurate view of campaign volumes during the selection process and save money by preventing direct mail being sent to the wrong address. No additional cleansing will be required at the mailing house for your Direct Mail campaigns providing a considerable cost saving.

Customer data deployed throughout your business

RedEye’s Customer Data Platform is a central asset to your business that links directly into the RedEye Marketing Automation suite. However, it has many potential applications outside the Contour platform to provide a customer level aggregated view bespoke to meet other requirements across your business. Customer data is available to external systems for marketing execution. Database queries or API calls are acceptable access methods meaning that you can maximise the power of your Customer Data Platform throughout your business.

API services and tools

Contour API services and tools extends the reach of the Customer Data Platform across your entire marketing environment. By programatically giving you access to Contour features, your data and campaigns, you can leverage the power of Contour even further. Whether you want an event to trigger an email, enable a third party product to update your single customer view or create a more integrated marketing environment our API can support this.

We were thrilled that RedEye were able to help us find a solution to stop our discount codes being shared online. The RFM analysis clearly helped us see which segments we needed to target with promotions and the unique code merge made this so simple for us to implement!

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