Multi-Channel Campaign Orchestration from RedEye

Building successful multi-channel campaigns

RedEye’s campaign management tool is the work station of Contour, the place where campaigns are built, triggers constructed and Marketing Automation lifecycles optimised. But more importantly it’s where data and channels meet.

Right Customer, Right Message, Right Time, Right Channel.


RedEye's campaign management tool is where the the two key elements of Contour, the Customer Data Platform and the Marketing Automation suite, intersect to bring you a single, integrated platform that allows you to maximise the value of your data through multi-channel marketing automation campaigns to drive up lifetime value.

It is where the marketer can channel their inspiration directly into the data and deploy campaigns in one easy-to-use, intuitive platform to deliver exceptional marketing performance.

Let's explore what you can do in our expert campaign management tool:

Build multi-channel marketing campaigns

The RedEye campaign management tool empowers the marketer to guide your customer on one-to-one journeys across channels and devices, delivering a premium experience. It allows you to build multi-channel campaigns for one-off campaigns or to switch these to Marketing Automation lifecycles.

Develop your Marketing Automation strategies


Using Contour not only allows you to design and manage every detail of the lifecycle for real-time responsiveness, but it also allows you to maximise the potential of Marketing Automation. Firstly, you can utilise all your customer data in one platform to maximise opportunities but uniquely RedEye also gives you Predictive Analytics, uncovering opportunities within your whole database. The result is that every single one of your customers can be in an optimised Marketing Automation lifecycle.

Build behavioural trigger campaigns that utilise all channels

The key to effective trigger marketing is behavioural data. Trigger marketing automates a response to a key action. Basket abandonment is the most obvious application of this hugely profitable activity, but there are many more examples. RedEye have been experts in the delivery and application of behavioural data since 2001, helping you to develop market leading behavioural strategies.

Increase campaign performance and drive satisfaction

Use RedEye’s campaign management tool to switch resource from tactical campaigns to highly responsive and profitable automated lifecycles that are essential to building a long-lasting relationship. Stop bombarding your customers with irrelevant communications and start reacting to their needs using an easy and intuitive interface built from drag-and-drop tools. You can effortlessly transform ideas into live journeys in a matter of minutes.


increase in revenue for Bonmarche through email campaign


increase in bookings for Haven Holidays through website personalisation


ROI achieved for Hotel Chocolat through the implementation of an SMS campaign

Integrated, multi-channel marketing is about identifying channel synergies. What influences the consumer and moves them through the customer journey from need to purchase to advocacy.


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