Predictive Analytics from RedEye

Stay one step ahead of your customer with Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics from RedEye allows you to predict your customer’s future behaviour to maximise marketing opportunities. By knowing what your customers are likely to do next, the marketer has a unique opportunity to influence that decision.

Predict your customer's next move

RedEye’s Predictive Analytics tool harnesses the wealth of data held in the RedEye Customer Data Platform to make it more intelligent and to predict the customer’s next best action.

You no longer have to react to an event, but can instead use your skills and our Predictive Analytics tool to optimise the preferred outcome. You’ll know what your customers want before they do.

The benefits of the RedEye Predictive Analytics tool


  • The tool puts automated decision making in your hands

  • You can predict customers most likely to purchase through to those most likely to lapse

  • Improve your engagement, retention and profitability

  • Increase customer lifetime value


Predictive Analytics could increase your revenue by 25%

RedEye are experts in using behavioural data. We have been collecting it for 20 years for clients and putting it to effective use. Applying Predictive Analytics to behavioural data to analyse and identify patterns that indicate a likelihood to purchase, puts the control in the hands of the marketer… learn more in this Predictive case study.

Predictive Modelling - putting you one step ahead of your customer

Although you cannot track every single customer interaction, by using Predictive Modelling and tracking patterns of behaviour we can identify customers looking to purchase, lapse or even identify those customers most likely to become a VIP. Our automated system then drops that customer into a personalised marketing automation lifecycle, aimed at maximising their lifetime value.

Predictive Analytics truly takes the guesswork out of targeting your customers. To find out what the industry is saying about Predictive Analytics, download our report written with Econsultancy.

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Machine Learning technology creates Predictive models specifically attuned to your data

RedEye’s application of Machine Learning technologies automates the development of Predictive Analytics capabilities allowing Contour to learn from every interaction with your customer. The integrated structure of the RedEye Customer Data Platform means that the system is always learning and developing capabilities bespoke to your individual customer base.

We were delighted with the results from using Tempo: Predictive Engagement. The year on year increases in open rates, click through rates and most importantly, conversion far exceeded our expectations. We were particularly impressed that the use of this product not only achieved our lowest ever unsubscribe rate, but that our IP certification and white-list status remained wholly untarnished throughout!

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