Predictive Modeller from RedEye

Stay one step ahead of your customer with Predictive Modelling

Predict your customer’s future behaviour and maximise marketing opportunities. By knowing what your customers are likely to do next, you have a unique opportunity to influence that decision.

Predict your customer's next move

With RedEye’s powerful predictive analytics capability, you no longer have to react to an event. Instead, use your skills and our Predictive Models to shape the future.  You’ll understand your customers better than ever before and be able to give them exactly what they want.

They’ll love buying from you, and you’ll love the lifetime value they deliver.

We offer our clients five Predictive Models that promise to revolutionise their marketing by:

Increasing revenue
Increasing conversion
Reducing churn
Increasing lifetime value
Increasing VIPs

As well as this we also promise that our Predictive Modelling will unlock the 60% of your marketing automation capability currently sitting dormant.

What results could our Predictive Modeller Tool generate for you?

Take less than five minutes to watch this video of Travis Perkins as they talk through their Predictive Analytics journey and the results they have achieved so far.

I need to convert more prospects

Encouraging your prospects to make their first purchase can be one of marketing’s biggest challenges, but what if you knew who was teetering on the brink of their first purchase? How would you change the way you targeted them? Find out what Footasylum did when armed with this information using our predictive marketing capabilities.

Convert Model
Convert road sign infographic
Multi-Purchase Model

I need to get my first time purchasers to come back

A database full of one-off purchasers means a lack of loyal customers and a lack of profit. What if you could predict which single purchasers were likely to come back? How would you change your multi-channel communications to encourage longevity? World of Books tailored their message based on this extra information, leading to amazing results, with the use of our predictive analytics tool.

Multi-Purchase Model

I need fewer unsubscribes

Every brand loses money when a customer unsubscribes from their emails. But what if you had the ability to act before your customer opts out? What would you do differently to keep your customer engaged? John Greed greatly improved their unsubscribe rate using this in-depth information about their customers, combined with our predictive modelling tool.

Unsubscribe Model
Unsubcribe road sign inforgraphic
Churn Rate Model

I need to reduce my churn rate

What would you do if you could find out which customers were likely to churn, even before they did? It could mean the difference between a customer lost forever and a customer re-engaged. Travis Perkins used this important information to target customers on the verge of lapsing. The results really speak for themselves.

Churn Model

I need to increase my VIP segment

What would it mean for your marketing if you could predict who your VIP customers would be? An increase in your VIP segment means an increase in engagement and spend for your brand. Find out how this predictive model increased the Travis Perkins customer lifetime value.

VIP Model
VIP Model

We were blown away by the Predictive Models that RedEye implemented using our database. A big challenge for us has been encouraging our prospects to make that first purchase. Being able to identify the prospects most likely to purchase has been invaluable, allowing us to ensure our customer journey is tailored to encourage this segment to convert. Generating a 115% increase in sales, the models proved themselves to be crucial to us.


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