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At the heart of everything we do

At the core of the RedEye Customer Data Platform, indeed at the heart of everything we do, is our Single Customer View, tying customer data together from any touchpoint into a comprehensive customer record.

A database to rival all others

Since 1997, RedEye has been using data and building databases for clients that set us apart from standard organisations. The power of the RedEye database and our management and application of data, is one of the key factors that make us different.

At RedEye, we believe that whether you are building or buying a Single Customer View you want three things above all else:

To deliver truly accurate data


Traditional marketing databases are inherently inaccurate as they use a very limited number of identifiers to link customer records, usually seven or eight, and typically name, address, postcode and email address. But this is not sufficient in the world of multi-channel and online marketing. We know you want to identify customers across every channel. We know that duplicates in your existing database, in a single channel or across multiple ones, destroy your attempts at personalisation. And we know you want to deal with customers not cookies. So RedEye’s unique Customer Identification solution uses a total of 24 identifiers.

To combine every source of data


These 24 identifiers mean that the RedEye Customer Identification solution can link any type of data – from transactional and POS data, CRM or store data to channel engagement data, mobile device data and website and behavioural data.

To collect every interaction and engagement


Build the customer profile by automatically collecting every interaction and engagement with your customer. Contour from RedEye directly links the customer interaction in six channels back to the customer record in a self-perpetuating and self-enhancing solution – every link clicked, every page viewed, every engagement with the app and every mobile device used for browsing… all held for increasingly accurate targeted engagements and analytics.

Some organisations will charge you six or even seven figure sums for this but RedEye’s unique system delivers this for a cursory amount. Enquire today for an estimate.

Download the Single Customer View into your business


RedEye’s exceptional capabilities with customer data can be taken to the heart of your business. Reverse-integrate your RedEye SCV into the core functions of your business and let RedEye’s technology create the Single Customer View data set that empowers your business.

We love the Single Customer View so much our CCO has written a White Paper about it. Give it a read if you are looking for industry-leading thoughts on achieving a SCV database.

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...A single view of the customer...can result in business benefits, just waiting to be tapped into

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