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Powerful Marketing Automation technology, driven by data

RedEye’s Marketing Automation platform, Contour, has the ability to tie all of your marketing channels together using a Single Customer View database. Contour’s powerful Marketing Automation tools give you peace of mind that your marketing campaigns are running seamlessly across channels and devices.

Contour's Marketing Automation capabilities

Marketing Automation is the process of taking everyday marketing tasks and automating them. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? But the real aim is to do more with your marketing spend and resources, whilst also creating a process that can be measured, tested and optimised.

Contour, RedEye’s Marketing Automation platform, makes that process straight forward for you. Whether you are building a multi-stage basket abandonment process or a multi-channel lifecycle journey, Contour allows you to do it all through one easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

Contour’s Marketing Automation benefits 

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Email Marketing Tool

As the Queen of all marketing channels, Email Marketing continues to thrive and remains a firm customer and brand favourite. In making quality data the backbone of your email strategy and utilising the right content you can create an ROI that allows email to reign above all other touchpoints.

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Social Media Marketing

Being able to target your customer wherever they are on the buying journey, especially the contact they make with your brand on social media, is crucial. From delivering targeted social media adverts to discovering customer audiences just like yours on social, Contour harnesses the wealth of information held within key social media channels and helps you use it to your advantage.

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Direct Mail

Cross-channel marketing is helping today’s marketers re-envision the Daddy of all direct channels, Direct Mail. Direct Mail is quickly becoming an increasingly important and valuable channel in a fully rounded customer marketing strategy, RedEye’s Direct Mail tool allows you to build and send Direct Mail campaigns, including tactical one-off sends, dynamically driven automated campaigns and fully joined up multi and omni-channel campaigns.

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Website Personalisation

Create a highly relevant and consistent personalised experience for every single one of your customers with Contour’s Website Personalisation tool. Build on the interactions your customers have had with you both online and offline, to align your website with all of your other marketing channels and create a seamless omni-channel strategy.

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SMS Marketing

In the ‘always on’ world of mobile marketing, SMS is a deeply personal medium, delivered straight to the recipient’s phone, achieving read rates of over 90%. Contour provides you with a hub to create not only one-off sends, but multi-channel campaigns, making SMS a key part of your overall marketing strategy.

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The technology behind Contour's Marketing Automation platform

Contour is supported by a robust technology platform, maintained by a team of RedEye experts. Not only that, we have been audited by the UKAS accredited British Assessment Bureau, meeting the international standard ISO27001. You can rest safe in the knowledge that our platform is supported by some of best security minds in the industry.

Push Messaging

Boost your mobile strategy and enhance your customer’s app experience by communicating with your most engaged customers at a depth you’ve never imagined. Leverage the power of Contour to send your app users highly personalised and contextual messages. Push from RedEye is built right into Contour, meaning you can utilise all the powerful behavioural data that our Single Customer View offers, seamlessly integrating push notifications into your multi-channel marketing strategy.

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While the cost of sending an email is negligible, the cost of a customer lost due to an unsubscribe can be very large. The RedEye predictive solution takes the guesswork out of choosing the optimal segment for campaigns. Predictive Modeller allows the marketer to choose the recipients least likely to unsubscribe allowing danger zone recipients to receive only selective, important messages. The John Greed scenario is a prime example of how selective messaging can not only improve database opt in retention, but also have a positive impact on conversion.

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