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Contour’s personalised marketing drives consistent communications

Website Personalisation from Contour allows you to provide a customer experience like no other. Build on your customers’ previous interactions with you and align your marketing channels by delivering a personalised customer experience on your website. Your customer is going to thank you!

Drive a seamless customer experience

We all want our customers to know that we truly understand their wants and needs. Website personalisation is a key facet of driving a seamless, multi-channel customer experience. Increasing quantity and quality of customer data, coupled with the immense opportunities to reach customers at such a personal level demands consistency and personalisation at each touchpoint, including the website experience.

Website Personalisation must be part of your seamless omni-channel experience

To achieve a truly personalised marketing experience for your customers, you must be able to build on all previous interactions they have had with you, at every touchpoint in the customer journey. RedEye’s Marketing Automation platform, Contour, has been designed with a tailored user experience in mind, giving you the ability to personalise every channel, including your website.

What Contour offers you:

  • Align data and channel silos to deliver a true omni-channel experience

  • Push the same content and message across all channels, including your website

  • Customise and personalise your customer visits to your website

  • Start simple and build out your targeting capabilities – there are no limits

  • Utilise RedEye’s advanced deduplication and targeting capabilities, which allow RedEye to deliver the most accurate audience selections

  • Enable and enhance your current content delivery platform, allowing you to make use of what you already have

RedEye’s website personalisation solution has helped us prove how showcasing relevant content on the website improves conversion. It’s fantastic that we are now able to target customers as soon as they enter our site with relevant content.

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