Favicons: Keep your Emails Branded

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    Consistent branding across all your website pages is important, so why not implement the below into your emails?

    <link rel="Shortcut Icon" href="*IMAGE LOCATION*" />

    Inserting this small line of code into the header of your HTML emails will ensure that when your customers click the “View in browser” button they are taken to the HTML view page which has your logo next to the title text.

    For example:


    <link rel="Shortcut Icon" href="http://www.redeye.com/favicon.ico" />


    By implementing this, your browser view pages can look like the two tabs below:

    Where there is no allocated icon, your page may look like this:

    The icon image will need to be hosted on a web server (rather than being loaded into Contour), to ensure that this is picked up correctly on the page.  Linking to your existing favicon is ideal. We would recommend using an ico file, as although gif’s, png’s, etc. can be used, they are not always compatible in Internet Explorer browsers. The dimensions of your icon can vary, however 16px x 16px tends to be the average.

    This is a small but simple way to ensure that your branding is both coherent and uniform across all of your pages.